BioShock 2 screenshot
BioShock 2 screenshot

It would appear that BioShock 2's Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack DLC, now available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, is already on the retail game disc. Purchasing the DLC initiates a small file download which is assumed to simply unlock the previously hidden content.

According to users on the 2K forums, the Xbox 360 download is 108KB, while the Games for Windows DLC is a mere 24KB.

2K is charging 400 MS Points/£3.19 for this pack.

The general reaction from fans of the game hasn't been positive, most feeling 2K has held back content which was ready when the game shipped in order to cash in on it later.

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ferron321's Avatar


I'd have to agree. If the DLC was advertised as included when you bought the game then fair enough, but you can't blame them if they had completed the production for it before the game was released. If anything, having the DLC already on the disc makes acquiring the content easier if you decide to purchase it.
Posted 15:51 on 14 March 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ jtorry

I agree, if people are gonna be charged for playing the extra content does it really make a sh*t of a difference if you download it or enter a code for it on the disc?
Posted 20:01 on 13 March 2010
jtorry's Avatar


I think I'm in the minority who thinks there's nothing wrong with this. It's not like people have been told they were getting one thing, they buy it, then are told they have to pay extra for what they thought they had already paid for.

Whether or not the content was ready for when the game shipped is irrelevant and had the content been excluded from the game disc would it have been received so negatively? I think not.
Posted 17:24 on 13 March 2010
fps_d0minat0r's Avatar


this is why DLC is a load of sh*t.
they basically restrain them selves in making the game then add the bits as DLC for extra money.

ive never bought DLC, never will.
Posted 16:37 on 13 March 2010

Neon-Soldier32@ renegade

Yeah, but I think they responded in say that unlock codes are 101 kb, not the 125 it actually was or something.
Posted 10:44 on 13 March 2010


Was it Resident Evil 5 that got accused of this as well?
Posted 02:32 on 13 March 2010


Hmm, not too bothered about multiplayer DLC anyway?
Posted 16:59 on 12 March 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


Click for Image
Posted 16:52 on 12 March 2010
RecoN's Avatar


But its no different from having any DLC finnished and then releasing it at a later date. Just because its on a disc you bought doesn't meen you shouldn't pay for that extra DLC
Posted 16:44 on 12 March 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Ummmm naughtyyyyy
Posted 15:32 on 12 March 2010

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