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Speaking at Develop Conference 2008 In Brighton this morning, 2K Boston founder Ken Levine revealed, in his own words, that he's "kind of a pretentious twat".

During his light-hearted keynote titled "BioShock and Awe: Immersing the Gamer in an Alternate World Without Drowning Out the Gameplay" Levine touched on many subjects, including the amount of time he gets to develop games and some of the roles of people in the team.

"We had the luxury of being able to bump into a lot of brilliant people we found on the way. There's so many talented developers out there. We didn't have the time that Blizzard gets, but we had more time than we used to get," said Levine. "The truth is, time gives you the ability to refine and polish, and make mistakes, and back away from them, and sort of stop before you're too late about things, because you can really go down some wrong roads, confusing roads."

Speaking about Bill Gardner, Lead Level Designer 2K Boston, Levine pointed out some of the differences in personalities in the dev team. "One of Bill's key roles on BioShock, besides being lead level designer and being responsible for all the levels, was, he was sort of the guy, forgive me for saying this, who'd be the voice of the average dude who come into GameStop, or GAME here, and be like "Oh dude, this game is awesome."

And what of Ken himself? Well, according to the man behind BioShock: "My background, I'm kind of a pretentious twat."

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