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Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Xbox 360 and PS3

Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 screenshot

Rearmed was one of the first major games I reviewed for this site, and two years on I'm still deeply in love with its crispy electro soundtrack. The game itself has held up well too, so I was only too happy to jump in (yeah, you can jump now) to this FatShark-developed sequel. I can't say too much ahead of next week's review, but happily state right now that the sound design is top notch, and that Nathan Spencer is a ginger killing machine. Also, I love his bristly 'tache. It's a shame this wasn't released to tie-in with Movember; we could have been kindred spirits.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Pokémon Black, Nintendo DS

pokemonblackwhite570 -

I went with Tepig in the end. He's the fire-type starter Pokémon; a little red thing with a snout and a curly tail. He's cute, but deceptively badass. I call him Walter. Our adventure together is off to a good start: he beat both of my rivals (or 'best friends', as they are this time around) in battle, helped me catch a further five Pokémans for my team, and has aided me in rescuing stolen Poékmon from the nefarious Team Plasma. The lovely Professor Juniper is super impressed with how quickly I'm filling out my Pokédex, and my mum recently bought me some new trainers. Life in Unova is good. Oh, I totally have a gym badge, too.

You might surmise from this that the new poké-adventure is entirely reminiscent of previous entries in the series, and you'd be right. That said, I can't help but get wrapped up in the excitement of it all over again. There are new features and refinements, of course, but not the fundamental changes the series is in dire need of. I'm enjoying it a considerable amount, but whether I'll feel the same way in ten, twenty, fifty hours time remains to be seen. Here's hoping.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Spare Parts, Xbox 360 and PS3

Spare Parts screenshot

I was very briefly tempted back to my Xbox when someone asked me to play Spare Parts with them - a very harmless little robot game with a whiff of Ratchet and Clank about it. It's nothing that's going to tear the world of buddy-based platforming apart, in fact it plays like a very simplified amalgamation of most games in the genre. But considering its status as a bargain XBLA title for kids it's a fine little platformer romp. You get Simon Pegg on vocals as the only speaking character in the game, you get Pixar-styled cutesy bots, you get basic co-op gameplay. You also get a bit of a finicky fixed camera that doesn't exactly inspire that co-op work. But you could do worse.

Tom Pearson, Video Producer - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, iPhone, DS

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney screenshot

I have real issues with Mr Wright's investigational technique; he has absolutely no idea what he's doing most of the time. Any game that causes you to inevitably become stuck is immensely frustrating. It would never happen in real life (unless of course, you're hideously rotund and lumbering through a passageway would be inconceivable). For example, when you need to relieve yourself, you don't get up off your arse and immediately start looking for clues as to how you get to your toilet. It's discouraging to say the least and definitely not my favourite aspect to the Ace Attorney series. What I do love, however, is nailing someone with sweet, sweet justice; an objection here, some proof slammed down there and BAM! Job's a good'un. Watching them try and squirm out of the ineludible jail time has me in giggles. Sometimes I wonder if I should forcefully slam my desk at work more often to get some results.

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User Comments

xboxlive's Avatar


My bad :)
Posted 10:02 on 08 February 2011
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ xboxlive

This is last week's thread, dude. :)
Posted 10:48 on 06 February 2011
xboxlive's Avatar


More of COD Black OPS and Put some time in to BFBC2 also :)
Posted 10:16 on 06 February 2011
Wido's Avatar


Been playing Dead Space 2 thanks to you lovely people. I have reached chapter 6 but haven't touched it since. Recently obtained LEGO Indiana Jones 2, which has been getting my attention all weekend.

Really fun game and will most definitely be playing this throughout the week if not busy with work and of course Dead Space 2 to finish.
Posted 07:25 on 31 January 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Resident Evil Zero - Got stuck on it last time, probably because I didn't know that I needed to read a poem I found like a million years ago to find the order in which I had to light some statues. There's so many things like this in games of that age, and not just the Japanese ones, and I've had to consult a walk-through on numerous occasions because the hints just aren't there. Also, some of the enemies are just stupidly broken. There's one enemy type that you need molotov cocktails for, a shotgun will work eventually, but once you're hit, that's it, because it can hit you quicker than you can reload. Don't even bother if you only have a pistol. Great experience, though; scares the crap out of me, and the inventory management is fun.

Half Life 2 - I normally I get as far as the driving bit and get bored, then format my PC and not bother backing the saves up because I don't want to play it. Then when I do want to play it again, I repeat the same levels again. But this time I knew it would be different because of Steam Cloud! My saves are stored remotely, so if I don't complete it before the next format, then they'll be there waiting. Except this time I actually will complete it because I want to play Episode 1 & 2 & Portal before Portal 2 comes out. HL2 is still great, and has aged remarkably well unless you're really looking for stuff to pick on like I was.

Mass Effect 2 - Revisited for the DLC. Kasumi was okay, but Overlord and Shadow Broker are outstanding. I enjoyed Overlord more, but Shadow Broker is more relevant to the Mass Effect universe for obvious reasons so I got more out of it probably. Started going through the main story again for the two achievements I don't have for the game, then started ME1 again for some reason and got as far as the Artemis Tau cluster then asked myself "why am I playing this again". I couldn't think of anything other than "because it's Mass Effect".
Posted 00:56 on 31 January 2011
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


Little Big Planet 2, Final Fantasy IX and Bayonetta.

As I get older I can see my time for video games slowly going away. I've had Bayonetta a week now and I'm not even half way through, I used to finish games like that in 3 days max.
Posted 23:09 on 30 January 2011


A lot of time's been sunk this week into:

Mass Effect 2 - Brilliant RPG, about 13 hours sunk in 2 days and then the bloody corrupt data bug occured. So, I startted it again, put it on theasiest difficulty in a bid to get back to where I was.

Dead Space 2 - Way too short! finished it in 6.45, Im on Chapter 10 at around 3 hours I haven't even touched multiplayer yet.
Posted 23:03 on 30 January 2011
Get2DaChoppa's Avatar


Fallout New Vegas

However, after listening to the latest Back on Topic, I've had a real urge to play Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright, although finding a copy of Phoenix Wright sub £20 is difficult.
Posted 22:23 on 30 January 2011

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