Bionic Commando screenshot
Bionic Commando screenshot

Gamasutra reports that Bionic Commando, Terminator Salvation and Wanted developer GRIN could soon be commencing some kind of closing or bankruptcy procedure.

According to a Swedish-language report from IDG in June, the developer has already closed its Barcelona and Gothenburg offices and sources indicate that the Stockholm office could follow very soon.

Sources have indicated to Gamasutra that employees have been told not to show up for work, with the company thought to be close to bankruptcy.

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Wido's Avatar


Definitely not good. I have two out of the three mentioned (WANTED and Bionic Commando.)

I know Terminator was a major flop, Bionic Commando didn't pick up enough sales which it should of easily made sales. WANTED, actually did good and a lot of people was impressed as of the curving bullets kills.

Bionic Commando, was a very good game. I really enjoyed it with the swinging + gun fights, made it a all worthwhile experience. WANTED, was your tipical 3rd person shooter. Somewhat I really liked that too as well. At least it wasn't a movie tie-in which would of killed the game, so good approach from GRIN in that point of view.

It would be a shame to see GRIN go down the crapper. :(
Posted 10:15 on 11 August 2009
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


woah thats not good, especially for a company like GRIN which created Bionic Commando remake, visually looks fantastic, i was hoping for a new ip from them using the same scale and graphical detail that they put into Bionic Commando. Shame really.
Posted 09:42 on 11 August 2009

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