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Tom Orry, Editor - MovieCat, iPhone

MovieCat screenshot

While waiting for more Cover Orange levels I'm frequently turning to MovieCat as my go-to iPod Touch game. I love this game so much that I actually play with sound on (something I generally never do), if only to listen to the catchy opening music. I've even spent money on the add-on pack, which includes new questions - sorely needed as I'd exhausted almost all the game had to offer. Rather troubling, though, is that despite lots of the questions repeating time and time again prior to the update, I wasn't able to set a new high score. Not only does that mean my movie knowledge isn't as good as I thought it was, but that my short term memory is terrible.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Red Faction: Armageddon - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Red Faction Armageddon screenshot

Yes sir, Red Faction is back. The political plotting may have been pushed to the background, and Guerrilla's open-world sprawls may have been swapped for linear levels, but the destruction physics are still hugely fun. There's something of a Dead Space-y vibe to Armageddon, with vicious insect creatures replacing the usual gun-toting enemies. The game feels more like an arcade shooter than a traditional survival horror, but I dare say that the change may surprise long-time fans of the series. Still, they're bound to be happy with the weapons on offer: there's a gun here that fires out black holes, for starters. There's also another score-attack mode, Ruin, where you destroy buildings as fast as you can - a good thing, as Wrecking Crew was easily one of the most fun parts of the last game.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360, PS3

Red Dead Redemption screenshot

As FBI sod Edgar Ross tells Marston in the closing chapters of Red Dead Redemption, "Everyone will pay for what they've done." It's a central theme to the game, which I saw through to 100 per cent completion last week, and Rockstar make absolutely sure to drum the idea into your skull over the course of the game; its method of storytelling is about as subtle as Jocelyn Wildenstein's face.

It is good, though. After almost thirty hours of herb picking, cougar skinning and bird shooting the end of the game comes together rather nicely. The tedium of Mexico vanishes into a strong finale and the closing cinematic sequences are genuinely affecting. The sheer sprawl of it all is a detriment to the experience, however, although maybe I made it worse for myself by insisting on completing all the challenges. Maybe one day I'll manage to kick my OCD.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Sins of a Solar Empire, PC

Sins of a Solar Empire screenshot

I knew my PC had a use beyond being that machine I use to store tat from WoW quests. Aside from having one of the best game titles ever, Sins of a Solar Empire is also a solid RTS. Essentially a strategy title-meets-Space opera that focuses on colonising planets. You explore, exploit, expand, and exterminate in real time. And for that it gained recognition as a thinking man's RTS, which in glib terms means that, yes, it's a slow-paced real-time strategy. Knee-jerk reactions don't have a place in the game, and similarly jumping immediately into combat isn't the key. Even the AI will be reluctant to sometimes, committing themselves to their colonial duties unless they have a better reason to start shooting. It's a different animal to your garden variety StarCrafts, and certainly an acquired taste next to shinier, faster paced genre favourites, but it still stands out surprisingly well.

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User Comments

p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Update: Was on vacation for the rest of this week so I didn't have much time to game, and I didn't have my computer with me. Pretty much just played Tiny Wings every second I could spare :D
Posted 00:39 on 16 March 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Over the last couple of weeks I've been working my way through GTA4, The Lost and The Damned and am now rocking The Ballad of Gay Tony - Up against the wall a bit as I'm trying to get it finished before MotorStorm Apocalypse turns up at the end of the week.
I was doing OK for time until I decided to take advantage of the offer of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on Xbox Live for the mere price of 600ms points.
I had a quick go - which ended up being a 5-6 hour session which hurt my chances of finishing BOGT in time for MS!
Posted 10:18 on 15 March 2011
clangod's Avatar


Also picked up Medieval II - Total War & Kingdoms pack from Steam. My interest in RTS has been revived and I plan to pick up Shogun 2 Total War as soon as I have the pennies to pay (will be buying a boxed copy as opposed to a download).
Posted 23:58 on 14 March 2011
thompo555's Avatar

thompo555@ IndoorHeroes

Have you not played it? ;)

I totally meant the first one! Sorry! :blushsmile:
Posted 15:31 on 14 March 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Mirror's Edge 2? MIRROR'S EDGE 2? Wht are you trying to do to us Thompo?

I've been playing Tiny Wings and I dived into some Motorstorm Apocalypse over the weekend. Its an absolute blast to play but the loading times are pretty unbearable.
Posted 15:19 on 14 March 2011
thompo555's Avatar


Almost completed the story for Mirrors edge 2. Feels incredibly short! although, I will be proceeding to do speed runs etc. I'm loving that game and will push for a plat!

Just Cause 2 at the start of the week too, i seem to have slowed down on it considerably.. I have a feeling that once I've inevitably got really frustrated with Mirrors Edge (damn time trials) I'll swap back to this.
Posted 15:14 on 14 March 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


I've just started playing Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time which reminds me of the topic on here not so long ago about comedy in games. It's got jokes left right and center.
Posted 14:30 on 14 March 2011
dav2612's Avatar


I finshed de Blob 2 which I very much enjoyed and I'm now back on GTA IV.
Posted 09:23 on 14 March 2011
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


Speaking of Blade Runner, I bought the film and love it. Such a masterpiece.

Gaming-wise though, Been playing Killzone 3, story is good, better than 2 but not holy moley good. Multiplayer is pretty cool although the same again from 2.
Posted 09:18 on 14 March 2011
clangod's Avatar


Fight Night Champion

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Posted 04:39 on 14 March 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


Being ill most the week has meant on gaming, yep that ill. I have done some Splinter cell conviction trying to boots my gamerscore and the do the DLC.
This week I'm going to try and get on with Dead Rising 2
Posted 22:05 on 13 March 2011


Dragon age 2 and League of Legends
Posted 20:30 on 13 March 2011
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


Killzone 3 - Only been playing the online multiplayer, which is superb.
Posted 20:02 on 13 March 2011
Geraface's Avatar

Geraface@ Bloodstorm

Good man!
Posted 19:52 on 13 March 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Wow, has it already been another week? Time sure flies.

Took a quick break from Mass Effect to finish Mirror Edge, Machinarium and PB Winterbottom. Quite happy I completed all three in under a week :D
Posted 18:20 on 13 March 2011

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