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WWII air and sea combat game from Eidos.

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Battlestations is more than a little intimidating, but well worth the effort.
Battlestations is more than a little intimidating, but well worth the effort.

Battlestations is more than a little intimidating, but well worth the effort.

For as long as the genre has existed, the fantasy of an RTS where you can swoop in to command an individual or unit directly has been eagerly discussed by fans from across the world. Eidos is the latest publisher to have a stab at this hybrid of strategy and action with its truly epic WWII game Battlestations Midway, which focuses on America's involvement in the 'Great War' from the infamous attack at Pearl Harbour onwards.

In many ways the game is presented and structured like a mainstream action game. You follow the exploits of Henry Walker, who appears in the rather uninspiring cutscenes that interject missions of increasing difficulty. Do not be misled though. This is certainly a strategy game, and is rich, detailed and complicated.

Far from being a pick-up-and-play title, Battlestations Midway starts with a beast of a tutorial that feels sluggish and, above all, overwhelming. It is a necessary evil though, and as soon as it's complete you can begin to enjoy one of the most unique WWII games in some time, even if you still have plenty more to learn.

In each level you are thrown into a huge and historically accurate battle, involving submarines, battleships and aircraft. At the start you are only given command of one or two pawns on this bloody chessboard, but relatively quickly you begin to take the reigns of squadrons of planes, flotillas of ships and packs of subs. The level of detail is fairly intense, and in any one battle you can find yourself allocating men to various repairs on ships, assigning dog-fighters to provide air cover to particular allies, managing the launch and return of planes on aircraft carriers, and plotting bombing runs, among countless other tasks.

'... soon plotting the path of a light aircraft while you consider the depth of your sub in contrast to the sonar range of a Japanese warship will be second nature.'

This constant juggling act is demanding but it's also incredibly well realised. Battlestations Midway may not be intuitive to pick up, but nonetheless it is instinctive once you have mastered the controls, and soon plotting the path of a light aircraft while you consider the depth of your sub in contrast to the sonar range of a Japanese warship will be second nature. That is not to say that the game is a walkover after you are familiar with the vast array of options and commands. Instead, just as you begin to get comfortable, suddenly you are thrust into one of the most explosive, thrilling real-time strategies on the 360.

Battlestations Midway gives you exactly what a great RTS should. You are constantly perched on a knife-edge and your smug sense of being a powerful commander with complete control is always overshadowed by the knowledge that it could all go wrong at any moment, and the resulting drama is heart pounding. Every battle quickly turns into a high speed sorting of tasks and priorities in you head, and the exhilarating pace gains momentum continually, until you begin yelling at your television like you're embroiled in a tense bout of multiplayer Street Fighter II. And I haven't really touched on the action elements yet.

Thankfully, Battlestations Midway somehow excels at being a flying game, a sub simulator and a battleship title. In each case the controls lean towards an arcade style, though they are still comprehensive, allowing you to link vehicles on formations and so on. The flying feels fairly similar to the Ace Combat series' better moments and captaining a submarine is perhaps the most simple, where depth and position is you main concern.

The huge ships are the kingpins of your battles but taking the bridge is still fairly simple, and a neat take on an autopilot helps immeasurably. If you are manning the guns or torpedoes and suddenly you have to take the wheel of your boat, your able seamen will continue to rain fire on your chosen enemy. If you need to return to your artillery then the crew will maintain your pre-plotted course. The same is true of repairs and depth chargers, and taking charge of a vessel quickly becomes its own RTS in microcosm, as you jump from one task to another.

The overall balancing of RTS and action elements works wonderfully, and though you will spend more time in a cockpit or cabin than you will on the map screen that you use to oversee the whole battle, it is strategy that wins you the war. Battlestations Midway's greatest achievement is blending RTS and action, rather than simply placing them alongside one another. The two are completely integrated, to the extent that in most cases you really are doing both at once.

The greatest pleasure comes after you learn the really masterful strategies, such as when you know exactly when and where to 'up periscope' and tackle a gormless but powerful destroyer with your damaged and poorly armed sub. It is then that you will be ready to tackle the Xbox Live battles. At time of going to print, these ambitious multiplayer conflicts are still blossoming, but already they provide enormous games that dwarf the one-player missions considerably.

Visually it's a little bland, but battles still look impressive.

Visually it's a little bland, but battles still look impressive.

Sadly, the overall controller set-up is a little fiddly and, with so many uses assigned to the limited buttons available, all too often a pivotal moment in a long game can go sour thanks to one misplaced finger. The task of creating a better control set-up is a tricky one, but it is a real shame it wasn't realised with a little more success.

The graphics and audio are certainly not bad, but unfortunately the pale skies, blue waters and camouflaged vehicles of the battlefield lend themselves to rather bland visuals. Combat just isn't that colourful. There are some nice touches, however, and seeing your tiny crewman scuttle about the decks of the boats turns the soulless iron hulks into living, breathing creatures, making their loss all the more painful.

Battlestations Midway is bold, thrilling and immense, and deserves every success. The Action RTS has arrived and let's hope it is here to stay.

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just played the multiplayer demo and i think this game is awesome, very fun beating my mate into the ground. especially love the stratagy to first person switch, love controlling those subs. brilliant game, will buy!! A++++
Posted 15:04 on 03 July 2007
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The training levels are sleep inducing and the early levels in the game are a bit slow but the later ones are really very good and qiute challenging. once you have both air and sea units to command this game becomes good fun! With a great multiplayer (as soon as they release the patch to get it rid of the lag)
Posted 16:39 on 16 February 2007
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Posted 17:29 on 15 February 2007
Alan's Avatar
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He he I love how so little can wind people up so much on these forum type sites! A huge point of forums is for people to express their opinions and that is all I have done!

Firstly I'll agree with vandy on the fact that I don't enjoy the genre however I only came upon this conclusion after my first post. So thank you for statting the obvious!

Secondly thankyou beast of the east for your opinion. Glad I'm not the only one.

Thirdly to Alan Wicker I am only a mere casual gamer who may only play games for up to a few hours a weekend and thats that. So am probably not a pure and total gamer geek/freak like most of you who may be reading this! And I agree with you I am not the right type of person to make reviews especially for this particular genre. I believe you need to be a simulation fan to review a simulation game otherwise there is no point. My point still stands though that I don't understand why people enjoy these games. But if there are lots of people that can enjoy the microsoft flight sim games then there will be lots more who will enjoy this!

Finally thank you to pro - g as I think your website is ace. As i said earlier I come every day cos its great. Plus thank you for all your comments as I have found them hilarious and have much enjoyed reading them and replying!

Now thats a real rant! surprised theres not a letter limit on this.

:-) c ya
Posted 00:29 on 14 February 2007
Alan Wicker's Avatar
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Alan Wicker

"ciao. ps: can't wait for crackdown!"

Im glad you don't review Alan if your attention spans a few hours you will finish crackdown in no time.

This is a good game if short I am glad I chose to ignore you!
Posted 20:21 on 13 February 2007
beast_of_the_east's Avatar

beast_of_the_east@ vandy

its tru :lick: :lick:
Posted 17:03 on 13 February 2007
beast_of_the_east's Avatar


i think thet midway aint that good
Posted 17:00 on 13 February 2007
vandy's Avatar


Well, fair enough then so what you're really saying is you don't like the genre - which is entirely different to saying the game is no good and the review is wrong.
Posted 16:56 on 13 February 2007
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Well I have to conclude that this belongs to a genre that I don't understand where the excitement comes from. I for one won't carry on playing any game if for the first 4 hours i'm bored. I will have to stick to my first and third person shooters like gear and lost planet. Haven't found anything in any other genre that i like recently. can't even enjoy racing games anymore as I thought pgr3 was dull to.... rant over! ciao. ps: can't wait for crackdown!
Posted 15:29 on 13 February 2007
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Alan that does sound like a rather childish response to have over a differing opinion. Oh dear, since when has a few hours been enough?
Posted 15:28 on 13 February 2007
vandy's Avatar


Playing for "a few hours" hardly constitutes a period long enough to judge any game. By all means disagree, it's your right, but at least do it having made a real effort to play the game.
Posted 15:09 on 13 February 2007
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I come to this site every day and have trusted your reviews to help me choose which games to buy. managed to get hold of this game at the weekend and I think its terrible. I even gave it a few hours to get better but gave up and put it on ebay. and you give it an 8!! won't be able to trust your reviews with my money anymore!
Posted 11:23 on 13 February 2007
mike_mgoblue's Avatar


This is the sort of Real-Time Strategy game, but it adds Action elements, where you sort of do that work for yourself rather than rely on the computer to do it for you.

I am going to have to give this game a try as soon as I can.
Posted 05:30 on 13 February 2007

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  • Incredibly slow to pick up
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