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Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360

On: Xbox 360PS3
Battlefield: Bad Company

Next game in the Battlefield series, which is said to offer the best single-player experience of any Battlefield game to date. Score:


Our Verdict: Battlefield Bad Company might look like just another FPS but it feels very different. The open-world levels make for some unique gameplay opportunities and the multiplayer is superb.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 3 not in development, EA confirms

Battlefield 4 is DICE's "main focus for the year".

1 Publish date Jun 3 2013

Battlefield: Bad Company TV show in production at Fox

60 minute Bad Company show to follow Marlowe, Sweetwater and the gang as they "exit military life and enter the private sector".

Publish date Oct 9 2012

DICE veteran 'would love to make' Battlefield 2143

But studio currently has no plans to develop another futuristic Battlefield.

1 Publish date Sep 26 2012

Mirror's Edge and Bad Company 'too good to kill'

DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that the Mirror's Edge franchise isn't dead, and that the company is working on new projects.

Publish date Aug 15 2012

DICE warns against milking Battlefield franchise

Too many products 'could damage the franchise'.

5 Publish date Jan 27 2010

DICE talks next Battlefield game setting

Will 'definitely' look to Battlefield back catalogue 'first' for setting.

7 Publish date Jan 11 2010

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Battlefield: Bad Company 3 not in development, EA confirms in Article Comments

Peps's Avatar

AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pants! Was hoping there would be some kind of follow up to BC2. Oh well they are making a new Mirrors Edge, you can't always get what you want i suppose.

by Peps

DICE veteran 'would love to make' Battlefield 2143 in Article Comments

munkee's Avatar

Titan mode in 2142 is still the highlight of the series for me.. I LOVED that game

by munkee

Battlefield Bad Company 2 in General Gaming

Bloodstorm's Avatar

Got the PC version for a tenner.

Game Stats

Release Date: 27/06/2008
Developer: D.I.C.E
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First Person Shooter
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 3,125
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