battlefield 4 poster -
battlefield 4 poster -

Battlefield 4 will release in autumn 2013, according to leaked marketing for retailer EB Games.

The supposed marketing, which was uncovered by GamerSky (via, features the same Battlefield 4 artwork that leaked last week, as well as the images that trickled out onto the game's official website over the weekend.

The shot also reveals the game's physical dog tags pre-order bonus, which offers pre-order customers a pair of real Battlefield 4 dog tags.

EA has yet to announce an official release date for Battlefield 4 beyond an April 2013-March 2014 window. An October or November release seems increasingly likely.

Battlefield 4 will be formally revealed on Wednesday.

Source: GamerSky (via

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Sounds about right to me.

It'll be interesting to know how long Battlefield 4 has been in development. I'd imagine it started development just as Battlefield 3 was releasing, so they've had over 2 years worth of time to work on it. Hopefully that doesn't mean that they've not strayed far from what they released with Battlefield 3 as I can imagine the development outlines wouldn't differ much if that were the case.

I do hope it'll be bigger and better on PC, but for current generation consoles I can't imagine it being any larger than Battlefield 3. On the next gen, it'll definitely be an improvement.

Will Battlefield 4 mark the return of the Battlefield Commander? Or is that a distant memory now?
Posted 12:54 on 25 March 2013

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