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Battlefield 1943 screenshot
Battlefield 1943 screenshot

Battlefield fans take note. 1943 deserves your attention. Yes it's a download only game that'll be cheap as chips, but that doesn't mean it won't be any good. Still sceptical? Allow DICE's Patrick Liu, lead producer on the follow-up to Battlefield 1942, to change your mind. Here he discusses everything from the franchise's potential to rival Halo and CoD, to the problem with developing shooters on the Wii. Why are we seeing a download only Battlefield game?

Patrick Liu: It's an experiment for us in every sense. It was just after Bad Company was done, or I was done with my part of Bad Company, we had a couple of guys just hanging around with nothing to do. Speaking to our creative director, Lars Gustavsson, he was involved in the original game, 1942, as well, we figured why not try to remake one of those maps in Frostbite? We have an engine now that's done and things look great in it. So we just tried that and it worked out pretty well. So we decided to make something more of it. It was too good not to release it in some way. It really wasn't planned. We needed to squeeze it into our SKU count somehow and ended up with this downloadable thing. Business wise it's experimental as well, to reach new market and new fans this way and try to make a downloadable game on console, because we haven't done it before. So you see 1943 perhaps bringing new people into the franchise?

PL: Exactly. We've made some tweaks to make it more accessible, and the price point is really low, so I think it's a good entry point shooter. Where does the Battlefield franchise sit in terms of profile with other FPS series like Halo and Call of Duty?

PL: It's hard to tell. I think we have our niche in a way, because it's always been heavily vehicle based. There are very few games out there as big and vehicle based as our game. A lot of people focus more on infantry gameplay and a lot of players. Instead we have gone with more vehicles and open maps. There have been a few other games that have tried to do the same thing, the same concept as Battlefield, but I don't think any of those games are as successful as Battlefield yet. Call of Duty is very different in its gameplay, and Halo as well. Battlefield is very successful, though...

PL: It is, definitely. Both 1942 and Battlefield 2 are still being played. It's still in the charts in some countries, even after so many years. It's quite incredible actually. What are the key values of the Battlefield franchise? What makes the Battlefield experience unique?

PL: We tried to find the answer ourselves! This game in particular, because it's so scaled down, so focused, we needed to nail the core gameplay of Battlefield. We can't put a lot of unnecessary stuff on it. We're actually removing it. It's not about the number of players. It's not about the setting. It's not about specific vehicles, weapons or specific game modes. Bad Company had this new one, Gold Rush, but it still felt very Battlefield. I think it's about the openness of the game. You can do whatever you want. You can approach your goals in many different ways. If you're a gung-ho soldier and want to go right into battle with your guns blazing you can do that. If you want to be more laid back and more supportive then you can do that as well. I think it caters for so many different players and everyone can contribute to the end goal of the game, which makes it Battlefield. The franchise is big already, but how far does DICE see it growing? How big can Battlefield get? Can it rival Halo? Can it rival Call of Duty?

PL: I think so, yes. In time I'm confident that we will get there. Once we were at the top. With BF2, there's still nothing out there like BF2. It's still best in its class. I think we're going to reach there again, sooner or later. I think we definitely have the potential. Obviously I don't have the right answer otherwise we would be there by now!

Battlefield 1943 screenshot How do you realise that potential? Does Battlefield need comic books, a movie, the more big budget mainstream stuff?

PL: No I don't think so. Personally I don't think it fits the franchise to do things like that. All we need to do is focus down on the franchise, what the core is about and just hammer it, and make people understand that this is Battlefield. Right now Battlefield is a bit all over the place. There are so many different Battlefields. Some people are a bit confused on what it is about. Just make very polished games, just focus on making a really good game. You don't need to do anything else. If you have a good game, that's what you should focus on. What is in development at DICE right now in terms of Battlefield? What can fans expect to see from the franchise in the next year or so?

PL: I can't say much about that! I can only comment on what we have announced. Battlefield: Heroes is coming. This game. Bad Company 2 was announced. Yes I can confirm that we're working on more games and we're working on several projects. Battlefield related projects?

PL: Not necessarily. But more games. The thing is, all these games are directed at different segments of the market. Hardcore gamers are into every section of the market. What you have to realise is the hardcore gamers are in most cases a minority. The wider market is much more than the core gamer. Heroes is aiming towards the casual play for free market. Those people are not aware of the other Battlefield titles. They only know this title. Bad Company 2 and 1943 may be closer, actually. If you're a console player, if you know Bad Company you probably know this as well. But still this is at a much lower price point, is download only, and a great entry point for new players. EA's CEO recently said he will devote half the title count to Nintendo platforms. How does that affect DICE? Do you have to now make games for the Wii and DS?

PL: I can't say so much about that actually. DICE as a studio is quite autonomous. We focus on what we think is best for the studio. If that involves Nintendo or not, well we'll see about that.

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my bet 2143
Posted 09:16 on 06 March 2009
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Posted 13:30 on 03 March 2009
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Seems to me they are working on BF3. Mostly out of logical view. I don't think they want to make a new engine so they want to use Frostbite for BF3 while it is still acceptable in its state.
And I agree with "Thunder" about the player limit. It seems logical since its a stripped down game with low development cost and the retail cost would be predicted to be less than half the cost of a full game. 15-20 bucks.
All these 64 players whiners can go to hell. DICE will probably release a full BF game since I hardly think EA DICE would give up a profitable game such as BF for persay Mirror's Edge 1942 =P. ME was a cool game but a content poor title compared to BF.
GG DICE keep it up =D
Posted 17:20 on 21 February 2009
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Fine by me if you guys dont play the game, if it only allows 24 people. Most clan matches were at most 12vs12 anyways. And I for one, rarely set foot on a 64 player server due to tremendous lag, despite having above average hardware.

I'm assuming IF there's a Battlefield 3 in development, that it will have atleast 64 players, if not more. Since BF1943 is aimed as a downloadable and cheap product, i'm assuming that had a lot to do with the "down-stripping" of certain features, such as 64 --> 24 players.
Posted 23:37 on 14 February 2009
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Yeah they are listening but not HEARING WHAT PLAYERS WANT !!!!


Posted 12:59 on 14 February 2009
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They say the listen, people say they ant 64 players, so they do 24

Sure they listen

Posted 12:55 on 14 February 2009
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Heroes, 1943 and Bad Company... Triple Bogey! Is this company joke or what?
Posted 12:50 on 13 February 2009
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BATTLEFIELD 3 NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! Too much time waiting already. DO US A FAVOR DICE!!!
Posted 12:29 on 13 February 2009
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You might be right. But really looking forward to this game and BF:BC 2.
Posted 21:17 on 11 February 2009
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I think battlefield 3 is in development
Posted 16:04 on 11 February 2009

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