Bastion: Alternative Awards 2011 presents the most important awards of 2011.

Publish date Dec 26 2011

Episode 7

It's a quiet week in video game land, so we talk about food, the personalities of snowboarders, and Pearson's adventures in the sky. We do touch on games, covering Cthulhu Saves The World.

Publish date Aug 3 2011

Episode 5

Marinating this week are Neon Kelly, Tom Orry, Jamin Smith and Tom Pearson. The gruesome foursome chat about Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Bastion, the week's most interesting news and announce a new podcast competition.

Publish date Jul 20 2011

Bastion: Launch Trailer

Available on the Xbox Live Arcade from Wednesday, July 20.

Publish date Jul 15 2011

Bastion: Heads-up: July 2011

Pearson and Martin show you what’s being released this summer.

Publish date Jul 4 2011

Bastion Trailer 4

The first title to be released for the Microsoft Summer of Arcade lineup, premiering on Wednesday, July 20.

Publish date Jun 29 2011

Bastion: E3 2011 Trailer

An early look at the beautiful and enchanting world of Bastion.

Publish date Jun 7 2011

Bastion: E3 2011 XBLA Summer of Arcade 2011 Montage Trailer

Check out this montage of upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games.

Publish date Jun 7 2011

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