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Play together on guitar, drums, bass and microphone.

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Like Taylor Swift? Then you'll like most of Band Hero.
Like Taylor Swift? Then you'll like most of Band Hero.

Like Taylor Swift? Then you'll like most of Band Hero.

Band Hero might as well be called Guitar Hero 5: Pop Edition. That's not a slight on the game Activision has put together, seeing as what you get in Band Hero is a polished rhythm action game; just don't expect anything more than Guitar Hero 5 with different music. Although seemingly intended to appeal to the younger end of the genre's fan base, the game only goes so far, resulting in a strange mishmash of a tracklist that almost seems like a half-hearted effort.

Just as in GH5, multiplayer is the focus of Band Hero. Party Play was one of the best new additions to the Guitar Hero series, and it's in full effect in Band Hero. When Party Play is activated the game essentially turns into a music jukebox, playing songs on its own accord, while players are able to jump into the game whenever they feel like it and with any instrument. If four players all want to be on lead guitar, they can, and if your kids are having some kind of music party and all want to sing lead vocals, that can be done too - a karaoke mode allows everyone to sing along to their favourite songs together. The in-game interface, as in GH5, is brilliant, allowing you to set the various options for difficulty and play style, and it's easy to skip a song, pick something new or create your own play list. Without any scoring to worry about, everyone is free to jump in and have fun, making it the perfect mode for beginners.

Part of Band Hero's appeal, or so Activision will be hoping, is the inclusion of many current pop stars. Such musical maestros as Taylor Swift (who doesn't love her smash hit "Love Story"?), No Doubt and the lead singer from Maroon 5 are all in the game as virtual avatars, able to be made part of your band. You obviously get a selection of their most popular songs, too, along with others from The All American Rejects, Corinne Bailey Rae, Fall Out Boy, Jackson 5, Lilly Allen, Nelly Furtado, Jesse McCartney and more.

It's mostly a selection of tracks that will appeal to a fairly specific "listens to most stuff on the radio" group of people, but there's the odd track thrown in that seems completely at odds with the rest. We can't see many of the game's target audience having a soft spot for The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" or Poison's "Every Rose Has its Thorn". The biggest chunk of the tracklist is definitely aimed at younger gamers, but there's certainly some here for adults and the odd classic that will have broad appeal. Considering you only get 65 tracks on the disc (20 less than in GH5), the decision to mix things up so much, instead of focusing entirely on the younger audience Band Hero is primarily aimed at, is somewhat baffling.

There is DLC if you want to add to your collection, and you can import a selection of tracks from GH5 and World Tour (not all are available and it'll cost you a fee), but it's hard not to feel that Activision could have gone the whole hog, rather than trying to shoehorn in some broader appeal. With GH5 on the market already, this should have been designed completely for younger players.

For those who want to compete rather than just have fun with friends, there are obviously plenty of score-based multiplayer modes too, either played locally or online. You don't even have to unlock the tracks, with the entire tracklist available to play with friends from the moment you start.

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XxSaMaNtHaxX's Avatar

XxSaMaNtHaxX@ mikejosh1978

It's not at all glitchy or unresponsive! :)
Posted 18:12 on 15 March 2010
XxSaMaNtHaxX's Avatar

XxSaMaNtHaxX@ muffin

Yes. You can play with up to 5 players, or just on your own!
Its an amazing game! :)
Posted 18:12 on 15 March 2010
muffin's Avatar


Can this game be played as a single player game as well as multi-player?
Posted 13:11 on 12 December 2009
mikejosh1978's Avatar


My main concern is the new drum kit is it better than the old wt one as that was awfully unresponsive . Let us know Tom if it is better please & is it going to be backwards compatible / work with rockband . Thanx matey
Posted 20:08 on 09 November 2009
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Q: How long can just "being guitar hero" make a game good?
A: Forever :D

Guitar hero rules ;)
Posted 18:31 on 09 November 2009

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Band Hero
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Band Hero
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