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Assassin's Creed Revelations screenshot
Assassin's Creed Revelations screenshot

In Ubisoft's vocabulary age translates to power, so Ezio's assassins continue to rear their heads as an established element in combat while he stays at the helm as the guiding hand. This command hierarchy was suggested back in Brotherhood last year when Ezio was first able to boss assassins, but never in a way that had you legitimately interact as part of a tag-team.

Revelations includes missions where distraction is equally as important as the letting of blood, and Ezio will regularly find himself playing the role of passive distraction on top of his standard job description.

While trying to infiltrate a public party, Ezio helps take down key templar members simply by dressing as a minstrel and providing a distraction for the crowds while an assassin slips in and drags the target out of view. Playing your lutes with the face buttons of your controller attracts their attention, but his first order of business is targeting the correct victim using Eagle Sense, Revelations' upgraded Eagle Vision. Switching to it provides you with the standard Eagle Vision black-lit backdrop, but with the addition of being able to find specific characters within crowds by selecting each individual until one - the correct one - glows.

It goes without saying that the hyperactive free-running is the real mainstay of the game, and even in his fifties Ezio is as limber as he was when we first met him in 2007. Along with the traditional parkour and stealth kills are additional Uncharted-styled set pieces that put Ezio toe-to-toe with rock formations, jumping from tiers of platforms as they crumble beneath him into cavernous depths.

But Revelations has already expanded the horizons of Assassin's Creed simply by experimenting with entirely new mission types that go beyond the usual ilk. Even with Ezio's retirement looming, the game has more enthusiasm behind the mission design than any previous iterations in the series. And for a blossoming franchise set to continue even without its favourite character on the frontlines, that's a more significant step than the new grey hairs.

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