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It seems the theme of the summer has been game delays. While this holiday season looked like being jam packed with quality releases, in recent weeks the schedule has been thinning. With a sense of disappointment in the air we're here to ease your concerns with our Top 10: Games to save 2009. We aren't going to be playing BioShock 2, Heavy Rain or Splinter Cell Conviction on Christmas Day, but there's still a lot to look forward to. Oh, and before anyone moans, we've classed GTA4 DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony as an add-on, so it's not included here.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – August 28

If you’ve ever played a Batman game, it’s highly likely that you’ve played a crap Batman game. There have been one or two decent outings for The Dark Knight over the years (The Adventures of Batman & Robin on the SNES, for one), but there’s also been dross by the truckload. Arkham Asylum is the quality product we’ve been waiting for: it’s slick, it’s got Mark Hamill doing The Joker, and it actually makes you feel like The Caped Crusader. The first time you spread your cape and glide down onto the head of an unsuspecting thug, you may pass out from the overwhelming rush of endorphins.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – DS – Christmas

Has there ever been a bad Zelda game? Okay, so Link’s Crossbow Training has all the depth and fun of a shelf-stacking simulator, but aside from that hiccup the series has maintained a fairly consistent gold standard. Spirit Tracks has a drivable train in it, and for some reason this has driven some fans a bit loco (ha!). Provided you’re not among this minority, Link’s latest adventure should offer plenty to tickle your fancy. Alongside the usual dungeon-and-boss goodness, you’ll also gain the services of a friendly phantom - a stomping suit of armour that you can order about with your stylus. “….”, as Link would say.

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Highest Rated Comment

TomO's Avatar


I think we've proven that whoever wrote most of this likes racing games. No idea who that could be though ;) It's not my fault there are three really good racers due out in the next few months.
Posted 15:40 on 05 August 2009

User Comments

becky's Avatar


Great tutorial, but I wait to see the top 10 games for PS4 and XBox..
car racing games
friv games
Posted 08:17 on 10 March 2016
lliinnkk's Avatar

lliinnkk@ El-Dev

you know, minus the fact that it's right.

That game is a Gears/Tomb Raider knockoff and it *****ing sucks.
Posted 02:13 on 07 August 2009
lliinnkk's Avatar

lliinnkk@ trigger_happy

Well it's people who spell like you that play it.
Posted 02:12 on 07 August 2009


you say they missed titles. But you can only put 10 games in a top 10 list.

Personally I dont agree with ODST. If it where halo 4 then yeh. But with assassins creed 2 coming out I would of put that instead.

And top sellers?

For me it will be Fifa 10
Posted 10:44 on 06 August 2009
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


very good but missed a couple titles - Colin McRae Dirt 2 & Tekken 6, will prob be picking up Halo ODST, Assassins Creed 2, MW2, ermmmmmmmm and a whole load of others
Posted 09:17 on 06 August 2009
kamoflage's Avatar


Predictions for top selling game this Christmas anyone?

MW2 and FIFA10 have to be firm favourites...
Posted 06:22 on 06 August 2009
kamoflage's Avatar


Dudester - I completely agree about Uncharted, its the best PS3 game to date for me. I know its not exactly groundbreaking or original (Nathan Drake is basically the love child of Fenix and Lara Croft) but it just worked so well. Interesting that there is no release date posted here as CVG claims 23/10.

NFS: Shift is an interesting choice. It seems to be gaining some momentum with the gaming press whilst most people (myself included) are more focussed on Dirt 2, Forza 3 and GT5. The graphics are looking smooth but I wonder if it will all be spoilt by lousy handling?
Posted 06:20 on 06 August 2009
Army_Of_Blaze's Avatar


Yeah these games rock, but i can't wait for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Other than that, this seemed fairly accurate. I'm preordering Need For Speed Shift this weekend!! Can't Wait!
Posted 05:23 on 06 August 2009
Ed2287's Avatar


I feel like a child in a sweet shop looking at that list!
Then my wallet screams at me, thats a 400quid list right there!!

Oh the inner conflict
Posted 22:26 on 05 August 2009
asapco's Avatar

asapco@ Wido

Dragon Age and Alpha are must haves.
Posted 22:15 on 05 August 2009
rbevanx's Avatar


Quite suprised Ashes Cricket wasn't on the list tbh. Still think Halo 3: ODST is gonna be really short, can't see people getting excited for a new Call Of Duty.
I think Need for Speed and FIFA will sell loads.
Posted 17:32 on 05 August 2009
K3RT's Avatar


I would have put operation flashpoint in there and chucked out gran turismo.
Posted 17:27 on 05 August 2009
Dringo's Avatar


No New Super Mario Bros?
Posted 17:25 on 05 August 2009


Zelda hmm lol replace that with Left 4 Dead 2 ;)
Posted 17:18 on 05 August 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Unless anything else pops up the rest of my gaming year will probably be like this

Fifa10 and or PES10, contemplationg gettin one on PS3 and one on 360
Forza 3
Batman AA
GT PSP, will also need to pick up a cheap PSP from Ebay
Maybe MW2
Posted 16:30 on 05 August 2009

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