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And in the blink of an eye 2009 is upon us, and games like Gears of War 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City seem like a distant memory. Now, as is the way with the world, we turn to the future without having given the past the time it deserves. Fable 2 creator Peter Molyneux says nothing in 2009 excites him. Well that's not how we feel. Today begins our week-long Most Anticipated Games of 2009 feature, where we compile the 40 games that make us wet with excitement just at the thought of playing them. Here, in the first instalment, we run down from 40 to 31. Read on, and let the hype begin.

40. The Sims 3, EA - PC - February 20

The Sims is a franchise that has passed us by somewhat at, but that doesn't mean we're not aware of its widespread appeal. The Sims 3 will likely become one of the best selling PC games of all time, so we're automatically interested. There's a tad more pressure on the game to wow though, seeing as Will Wright's previous game, Spore, failed to be the revolutionary leap forward in gaming everyone thought it would be. More than anything else we're anticipating the endless stream of add-on packs. If there aren't at least two expansions on the market by Christmas 09 we'll out our virtual Sims hats.

39. Armed Assault 2, 505 Games - PC - 2009

As we've said time and time again, Bohemia Interactive Studios are the godfathers of the modern war game. After the groundbreaking Operation Flashpoint, the studio produced ArmA - a spiritual successor that failed to set the world on fire. The boys are now keen to make amends, and ArmA II should be their redemption: an insanely detailed soldier sim with 136 vehicles, razor-sharp AI and 81 weapons to blow your brains across 225 square km of play area. It's a massive undertaking, but BIS know the pressure that's on them: nothing less than excellence will suffice. It was looking good when we last took a look, so don't be put off by the admittedly intimidating level of realism.

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Tom Butters's Avatar
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Tom Butters

Has anybody noticed that in the image of number 39. the two black guys are exactly the same, one with a bush hat and another with baseball cap if that doesnt show no effort being made into a game then thats just wrong
Posted 09:13 on 02 February 2009
TURBO_RAD's Avatar


I think all the games look interesting...i haven't actually heard of many of them but some of them i have and i cannot wait for The Sims 3 its really got me lookin forward to 2009 i agree with ninetieskid that RE5 will definitely b on top ten bc i have heard soo much about it and i myself and pretty escited about it
Posted 20:53 on 07 January 2009
Steve's Avatar
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Liked and agreed, didn't know about All Points Bulletin so thats cool, only problem I had was I've been playing DS Chrono Trigger for 3 weeks now, and I bought mine used so its already out.
Posted 18:06 on 07 January 2009
Machetazo's Avatar


I have a few points to make about this list. I really doubt that Dragon Age will be on consoles, in Spring. It's just too quiet on that front. There's also no possibility that GT5 proper, will be out this year. They're targeting a possible 2010, more likely 11, release according to an interview on Import Tuner.

Please enjoy this recent quote from Kazunori Yamauchi, to the publication: "To be honest, I haven't given a lot of thought to GT 5, so I don't have an answer. And it's too early to talk about GT 5 because we still have updates coming out for Prologue.

Is there an ETA on GT 5?
It won't be this year and nothing's scheduled for next. It may be out in 2010, but like I said, we haven't really discussed it yet."

Prototype: I think they're in danger of being overlooked, unfortunately, especially the case if Infamous makes sufficient impact on PS3. Prototype is also just too quiet for its own good.
Posted 12:12 on 07 January 2009
Yacaman's Avatar


Fight Night ROund 4. Final Fantasy if it ever comes out. GOd of War should be #1 and the great game of Fifa 2010. I dont care what anyone says. Fifa is one of the best games ever made. Its so much fun to play online or with famly and Friends. I live in Honduras you guys have the best reviews. better than Game Informer, Game Pro, IGN, and I read practically all of them. (President of Yacaman Productions Corp.
Posted 05:22 on 07 January 2009
RoranTK's Avatar
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For Pc my most anticipated game , has , HAS TO BE DoW2 . This game is surely gonna be soooooo awesome that i wudnt need to buy ne other rts fer further 4 years ( i did the same thing with earlier dows ) .

Pc gaming aint dead as long as devs like relic keep on making games like this
Posted 00:40 on 07 January 2009
Marink's Avatar


I know it's only 31 to 40... but damn.

Saying that, I am looking out for Mad World and Chrono Trigger.
Posted 19:49 on 06 January 2009
St_Taylor_UK's Avatar


I cant wait for them to release a PAL version of 'Tales of Vesperia' i'm dying to play that game.
Posted 18:19 on 06 January 2009
LSS_Chrome's Avatar


Half of these I've never heard of - but reading the description tells me I should have! Armed Assault looks great fun, and Mad World is definitely going to be a very different look to games.
Posted 18:08 on 06 January 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar


MadWorld! :D can't wait for it!
Posted 16:31 on 06 January 2009
NinetiesKid's Avatar


I'm guessing Resident Evil 5 will be in the top 10, think that's my first definite buy of 2009.
Posted 16:08 on 06 January 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Hate to say it but my blood pressure hasn't exactly increased from a 360 perspective, I think it's a little premature to hype any of the titles on this list for my console.

I know Dragon Age is down for TBA 2009 but I'm not getting my hopes up of seeing a console version before 2010 even though "get 'em out the door fast" EA are publishing. And even then, I'm not sure it's for me, 'tis very Baldur's Gatery (as in ye olde PC version) so I'm sure fans of that type of RPG will go nuts for it. I'm not one of them so far.

As for Batman, historically the only decent Batman game, ever, involved Lego, so it would take a major piece of miracle marketing to make me raise a slightly interested eyebrow in this title's direction.

Prototype started out its hype with some great looking CGI, but now the gameplay footage is appearing I'm getting put off, just doesn't 'feel' right, and as for All Points Bulletin I've got a 3 and a half year-old E3 trailer to judge it on, a handful of year-old screenshots for the PC and zero expectation of a 2009 launch on the 360 from a Korean publisher. Do we even know what pricing model they're going to go for? (P2P, microtransactions, standalone etc). So the former has dropped off my hype radar for now and APB has yet to do enough to get on it in the first place.

Which leaves Alpha Protocol. The only justification for hyping this is that Obsidian are developing. It could be awesome. Then again, they haven't shown much and if you do catch any gameplay footage it's in 'blipvert' format, blink and you'll miss it. Looking forward to finding out more about this one, but it's down for 'early 2009' release, I'd have expected to have seen a lot more by now.

P.S. Thank you for this article, I'm struggling for gaming inspiration so looking forward to finding out what the other 30 titles are.
Posted 15:54 on 06 January 2009

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