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Alien: Isolation stands alone among movie adaptations

It's already the most authentic licensed game of all time. But is that enough?

3 Publish date Aug 13

The Great Pre-Order Debate

Is pre-ordering a game evil? That, friends, is up to you...

3 Publish date Jul 11

Alien: Isolation pre-order DLC will also be available separately after release

Classic movie content to be available without pre-order.

Publish date Jul 10

Sigourney Weaver 'touched' by Alien: Isolation story

Alien actress moved by Amanda Ripley's search for her mother.

Publish date Jul 10

Sigourney Weaver & original Alien cast return for Alien Isolation pre-order DLC

Relive classic moments from the original movie in fantastic pre-order DLC.

Publish date Jul 9

Oculus Rift version of Alien Isolation is only a prototype, not a full release

'No full [Oculus] game in development', Creative Assembly confirms.

1 Publish date Jul 7

Alien: Isolation casting video features new footage & in-game cut scenes

The final insider video from SEGA reveals how the actors were cast.

Publish date May 9

Alien: Isolation release date set for October 7

Sci-fi horror locked down for late 2014.

Publish date Mar 29

Alien Isolation Xbox 360/PS3 comparable to next-gen versions, dev suggests

"We used to be able to put them side by side and play guess the platform", says Creative Assembly.

Publish date Jan 16

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