Alien Breed Evolution: Episode One

Alien Breed Evolution: Episode One Preview for Xbox 360

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Alien Breed Evolution: Episode One screenshot Some gamers don't like timed exclusives. PS3 owners will be particularly miffed that they won't get Alien Breed at the same time as Xbox 360 owners. Any reason?

MB: I understand that. It's difficult. Obviously we'd like everything on every platform day one. The LIVE Arcade thing is simply down... and we get accused of being bribed or we've took Microsoft's money, and it's all bollocks. The reason is that we've got a long relationship with Microsoft's first party unit. We get on great with them. In exchange for exclusivity we get a lot more promotion. We've got a closer deal with them. That's just how it is. It's unfortunate. That's just how we work. If we were a standalone publisher, then yes we'd do both formats. But the sales and promotion we get on LIVE Arcade far outweighs the reason for doing that. It isn't the case of here's some cash in a suitcase. It just doesn't work like that. It would be nice if it did! I appreciate PS3 owners getting pissed off because it's not on their platform immediately, but that's up to Sony I guess to address that. So Sony should be doing more to incentivise developers?

MB: I think they do, really. They've got their own exclusives. You look at Super Stardust, which is exclusive to PS3. It works the other way round. For people complaining, at the same time, people on LIVE Arcade can't play Super Stardust or PAIN or a bunch of titles. It's just the way the world works really. Could Alien Breed work on Wii?

MB: It's been developed using Unreal 3. If we did Alien Breed on Wii it would be a totally different game - new technology, well maybe not totally different game but certainly new technology. For WiiWare, we are actually doing a title on WiiWare, we just have to see how that works. Nintendo have maybe got some re-educating of their marketplace with regards digital downloads. A lot of the hardcore are downloading stuff. I just don't think people even think about going online with the Wii. It's a social, family thing. We've had some sniff of numbers of what people have being doing. I think Final Fantasy stuff did really well on Wii. I would have hoped given the strength of brand and watching it everywhere else, that maybe we've got a chance with Worms. People know it. If that's the only way we can it on the Wii then maybe they'll do that. But I think obviously it’s in Nintendo's interest to access the online side because that is the way everything is going to go. I think you're going to see more effort from Nintendo on that side.

worms armageddon - Is Worms likely to come to WiiWare?

MB: Yeah. It just hasn't been released yet! It's not suitable for Alien Breed then?

MB: We never considered Wii for Alien Breed. We just didn't think its solid demographic of the users. We certainly think it's the Gears of War crowd, the Halo crowd, pick up and play action, which is the demographic of the XBLA and PS3 really. It's mass market in that area. For the hardcore fans who played the original Alien Breed, what story titbits can you offer?

MB: People who played the original will recognise a lot. There are a lot of little moments in the game that you can hark back to the original. Alistair [Brimble], who did the music in the original game, has remixed the original score, which is hidden in the game somewhere. Somebody saw it from another developer in Newcastle a month ago and went, oh great you've even used the same woman for the voice. It's totally not the same woman, but I think it's wonderful that you felt it was the same woman because it's the same feeling and ambience of the game. People can see the old game in the new game, which is job done for us.

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