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Alan Wake 2 remains an ongoing concern for Remedy, with studio boss Sam Lake telling Eurogamer that discussions are still happening with Microsoft.

"I've been very open about our love for Alan Wake," Lake said. "It's an IP we own. As I said, as we've said, we'd love an opportunity to do more Wake. We're obviously fully focussed on Quantum Break, but we're always prototyping things on the side, bouncing around ideas."

In relation to the recent release of the Alan Wake sequel prototype video, he added: "There's a lot of behind closed door invisible work happening all the time. The important thing is that also concepts evolve. I feel that's always an iterative process. More time is more iteration. It felt that our more recent ideas on what Alan Wake would be have gone so far from what the idea was back then that we felt we could put it out, so people could see what we were thinking back then. That was pretty much the extent of it on that polish level - there were other rougher demos and prototypes and obviously a lot of stuff on paper!"

So that sequel is definitely happening, right?

"It's too early to say anything specific about that," says Lake. "We've had and we are having discussions about it. But there's no definite news at the moment."

Remedy's next game, Quantum Break, launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5.

Source: Eurogamer

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Shouldn't need to "discuss" it. It was actually pretty great, yet it didn't sell amazingly afaik, so it never got a true sequel.

I still have a free code for the first DLC btw. I think it's "The Writer" DLC.
Posted 18:59 on 07 March 2016

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