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Timesplitters 2 for Xbox

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TimeSplitters 2's first two levels are playable in Homefront: The Revolution

Bonus Easter Egg contains opening section of classic shooter.

1 Publish date Mar 30

E3 2014: The Predictions

Every member of the VideoGamer.com team predicts what will happen at this year's E3.

16 Publish date Jun 5 2014

TimeSplitters Rewind in development for PS4

Fans confident Crytek will approve a console release.

Publish date Sep 3 2013

Crytek would consider releasing TimeSplitters HD Collection if petition hits 300,000 signatures

CEO would 'love to see' TimeSplitters in HD, but current amount of signatures 'isn't that convincing'.

8 Publish date Nov 14 2012

Timesplitters 4 Facebook campaign moving slowly

The fan campaign to gather 100,000 Facebook likes for Timesplitters 4 has gathered 13,000 likes since it was started at the weekend.

2 Publish date Jun 19 2012

GoldenEye dev: Nobody buys FPS games unless they're called Call Of Duty

The popularity of Call of Duty makes it almost impossible for other FPS games to succeed, according Free Radical founder Steve Ellis.

13 Publish date May 3 2012

Xbox 720 'likely' at E3 2012, Crytek on board

Microsoft is gearing up to announce the successor to the Xbox 360 at E3 next year, and Crysis 2 developer Crytek is already developing a new TimeSplitters game for the currently unannounced next generation of consoles.

16 Publish date Jun 14 2011

Free Radical closes doors?

Staff said to have turned up at work to find the doors locked.

4 Publish date Dec 18 2008

Third of original GoldenEye team still at Rare

"Viva Piñata doesn't mean the talent has gone", says legendary dev.

Publish date Aug 6 2008

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