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Back to game info is reporting that the controversial drug trafficking game Snow has been cancelled. In the game players would start off in the 1970s as a small time pot dealer, eventually moving onto more lucrative drugs such as cocaine.

No reason for the cancellation has been given, but it's thought to be a result of Take-Two's efforts to clean up its image. A game which sees players running a drug trafficking business would not have gone down well with the 'games brainwash our kids' brigade, and would have been a sure-fire 18-rated game.

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Joe Mama@ HilaryDuffGta

It's sad to see a rebel or "bad boy" company cave under the pressure of a few small but very out spoken groups. These games aren't designed for kids and the intended audience is well aware the actions in games are not to be replicated in real life. I see Mario spitting fireballs, but you don't see me with a can of WD-40 and a lighter. ItÂ’s really too bad to see the creativity of a great company stifled.
Posted 13:58 on 13 June 2006
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Take two produces and markets games for their ADULT AUDIENCE there is no reason for them to have to "clean up their image" people need to get it thru their thick skulls that rockstar and take two games are not for kids...i hadnt heard about this one but this just sucks
Posted 19:47 on 07 June 2006

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