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Simpsons: Road Rage Cheats for Xbox

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Cheats & Hints 1

At the Options menu, hold L + R, then enter the codes.

Slow motionA, X, B, Y
Unlock Soapbox CarB, B, Y, X
Unlock Mr. Burn's CarB, B, Y, Y
Unlock Nuclear BusB, B, Y, A
More MoneyY, Y, Y, Y
More Camera ViewsB, B, B, B
Night ModeA, A, A, A
No Map DisplayX, Y, Y, B
TurboA, Y, Y, A
Flat CharactersX, X, X, X
Collision LinesB, B, A, A
New Year's KrustyB, B, X, Y (or set the date to Jan 1)
Halloween BartB, B, X, A (or set the date to Oct 10)
Thanksgiving MargeB, B, X, X (or set the date to Nov 22)
Christmas ApuB, B, X, B (or set the date to Dec 25)

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Simpson's Road Rage is basically an imitation of Sega's Crazy Taxi. the plot of the game is that Mr Burns has replaced the city's bus system with expensive nuclear-powered vehicles and the only way for the people to get their old transit system back is to come up with a million dollars by running their own taxi service. So through out the whole game you just drive Simpson's characters making money. This game is good at the start but gets very boring.
Posted 13:50 on 17 August 2006

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