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Self publishing back catalogue titles is earning Double Fine good money

Much better than the old publishing model which favoured publishers over devs.

Publish date Feb 27

Minecraft creator wants to fund Psychonauts 2

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson has offered some of his substantial wealth to fund the development of Psychonauts 2.

2 Publish date Feb 7 2012

Tim Schafer's studio takes back Psychonauts publishing

At last, Doublefine will reap rewards for its classic 3D platformer.

Publish date Jun 15 2011

Double Fine has a 100% cancellation rate

But the dev has still managed to ship the games anyway.

1 Publish date Jul 15 2010

Double Fine working on 'secret stuff'

'Starting to formulate' next project.

Publish date Sep 23 2009

Schafer: 'game sales matter a lot'

You should only be concerned about it if it's your money on the table.

Publish date Apr 8 2009

The Great Xbox Live Debacle: What Gamers Deserve

MS has offered up a free XBL Arcade title to compensate for our Christmas gaming woes. We don't think it's enough.

1 Publish date Jan 4 2008

Xbox downloads suffer emulation problems

Halo to run a little slower, texture problems for Fable and crashes at 720p for Psychonauts.

Publish date Nov 14 2007

Pro-G Rumour mill

A round-up of the juiciest rumours being talked about across the internet.

Publish date Oct 24 2007

Psychonauts backwards compatibility being worked on

That's according to an email response from Alan Stuart, one of the official Xbox 360 Emulation Ninjas.

1 Publish date Jun 19 2006

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