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Midtown Madness 3 Review for Xbox

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The PC city racer comes to the Xbox with Xbox live play for up to eight players.

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Superb lighting really makes the visuals shine.
Superb lighting really makes the visuals shine.

Superb lighting really makes the visuals shine.

Xbox Live has played host to a number of good-quality games since its launch and Midtown Madness 3 is one of Microsoft's big games this summer. The series has a big following from its days on the PC and is now in the hands of Dice, the developers of the excellent Rallisport Challenge for Xbox and PC. With a lot of expectation on their shoulders, have they delivered the definitive Xbox Live experience or is it another Microsoft Game Studios disaster?

In appearance there are a lot of similarities to both Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club 2, but Midtown Madness 3 is a very different game. Unlike GTA, the game is entirely vehicular-based, and it isn't focused on high-powered performance cars like Midnight Club 2. The game is more akin to Crazy Taxi, but with a much broader range of game modes and missions. Set over two fully-modelled cities, Paris and Washington D.C., the game has a lot to offer.

'A lot of the missions are great fun and completing them will unlock new vehicles, but alone they don't make the game a worthwhile purchase.'

The main single-player game puts you in the role of an undercover cop working in Paris or Washington D.C. Each city has seven jobs, with the Paris jobs revolving around a famous race car driver and the Washington D.C. jobs centering on the film-maker brothers, Stephano and Michael Tortellini. These jobs range from Crazy Taxi-style deliveries to mad jump challenges, and each job is made up of a number of missions. To progress to the next job, three of the missions must be completed. A lot of the missions are great fun and completing them will unlock new vehicles, but alone they don't make the game a worthwhile purchase.

The key to unlocking new vehicles is to play the Blitz and Checkpoint races. Blitz mode puts you up against the clock as you try to get through all the checkpoints within a set time. Checkpoint races put you up against competitors, with the winner being the first person to hit all the checkpoints (in any order). Progressing through these modes will unlock vehicles, with the best one requiring you to complete all that the single-player game has to offer. Also, littered throughout each city are custom paint jobs for your cars. You can pick these up in any single-player mode, but cruise mode lets you explore the cities without any time or mode constraints.

One of the many large vehicles you can cruise in.

One of the many large vehicles you can cruise in.

While the single-player missions are fun for a while, the online play is what the game is all about. Supporting eight players in all the online modes, this is the most fun Xbox Live game currently available, and one that everyone should be able to enjoy. On top of the Checkpoint and Cruise modes - already available in the single-player modes - there are four multiplayer games. "Capture the Gold" is a team game, very much like Capture the Flag. Gold is placed somewhere in the city and you have to pick it up and return it to your team depot. On the way, the other team can steal it from you, and the team with the most cash when the time runs out wins. "Tag" is just like you expect it to be. Someone is made "it" and they have to tag someone else to make them "it". The person that is "it" when the timer runs out is out of the game and a new round is started. The final person to remain is the winner. "Hunter" is an extended version of "Tag". At the start of the game one player is a cop car who has to hunt down the other players. If the cop car tags another player, they too become a cop car who joins the existing cop. The last player who isn't caught wins. The final mode is "Stayaway". Unlike "Tag", the goal of this game is to be "it" for the most time before the time runs out. This puts the other players after the player that is "it" and creates some crazy chase action. While all these modes are fun, "Capture the Gold" takes some time to get the hang of, and all the games are only as much fun as the people you play with. This is the same for all online games, but once you get in with a good group of players you can play for hours at a time. Each of these modes can be played in the whole city or in enclosed sections. The multiplayer-only modes really benefit from an enclosed area, as the cities are far too big to make an eight-player mode fun, and this is a sensible addition by the developers.

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Midtown Madness 3
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Midtown Madness 3 - No boxshot available.
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Release Date: 27/06/2003
Platform: Xbox
Developer: D.I.C.E
Publisher: Microsoft
Genre: Racing
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