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Welcome to a special series of's Top 10, where we bring you the essential genre by genre video game buyers' guide for Christmas and New Year. It'll run every Thursday until the end of the 2007/2008 holiday break, so, whether you're looking for some family video game ideas to get you through those boring Christmas get-togethers or some top sports games to spend that holiday cash on, look no further than In the sixth of the series, we look at the Top 10 Action Games. And don't forget, if you need more info on any of these titles, just click on it for a full review.

Please note: This special series of's Top 10 is a buyer's guide for Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008, and as such only includes modern titles available for the currently supported platforms. It is not a best of all time list.

10. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice - PSP.

This won't be for everyone, but I absolutely love it. I reckon it's one of the PSP's best games, and perfect for a quick 15-minute blast on the train or bus every now and again. It's a combination of a number of game types, including third-person on foot shooting, which isn't that great, first-person on rails shooting, which is a lot better, and action driving shooting, which is absolutely brilliant. As you chase down some gang goon in your Pursuit Force car you can jump from vehicle to vehicle, shooting in mid-air, land on your target's bonnet and blast the passengers into oblivion. Enough said.

9. Chili Con Carnage - PSP.

Tom absolutely loves this Max Payne-esque third person shooter. As he said in his review: "It's not often that I get excited about handheld games, particularly handheld action games, but Chili Con Carnage has completely blown me away and changed my view on what Sony's handheld is capable of." High praise indeed. And why not? It might not have sold bucket loads, nor has it enjoyed an expensive marketing campaign, but Chili Con Carnage is still far and away the best action shooter the PSP has to offer. An essential purchase for PSP owners.

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O. Uncharted is a bit low :(
Posted 14:36 on 08 August 2009
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Posted 07:19 on 18 December 2008
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surender singh

i wana play top level of 2008 games
Posted 14:06 on 24 November 2008
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Ninja Gaiden (XBOX) was sorely overlooked in your list. A true hardcore action game, spectacular and nostalgic graphics and music, level design that has still not been matched on next-gen systems, and easily the best action game of all time if not the BEST game of all time...
Posted 19:39 on 12 February 2008

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