Forza Motorsport 2 screenshot
Forza Motorsport 2 screenshot

Rumours have been pointing to Microsoft announcing Forza Motorsport 3 at E3 next month, and just in case you wanted more evidence that a third game in the hit racing series is indeed incoming, look no further than a listing on Amazon for the Forza Motorsport 3: Prima's Official Game Guide.

The guide is listed for release on September 30 and is said to contain 192 pages. Other than a couple of International Standard Book Numbers there's no more info listed. A quick Google of the ISBNs reveals the book is listed at a number of other online retailers, although some have already been removed.

The guide can also currently be found on the Prima website by directly entering the ISBN into the URL. The website states the guide will be released on September 8.

If the guide is hitting stores in September, it's safe to assume the game will be available in that month.

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i cant stay much more the "Karlius" spot on mate. but back on topic i cant wait for this game,hopeing the info i have seen over the net are ture.
Posted 10:29 on 19 May 2009

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Backing all this up is the PGR franchise, which has also managed to go through two complete iterations in the time since GT4 was released. Especially when you consider the time needed for adding weather and motorbikes into PGR 4. Or what about Codemasters with their several multiple platform titles?
Posted 13:37 on 20 May 2009
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Agreed mate looking very promising!
Posted 18:46 on 19 May 2009
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i cant stay much more the "Karlius" spot on mate. but back on topic i cant wait for this game,hopeing the info i have seen over the net are ture.
Posted 10:29 on 19 May 2009
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GT has been in production for over 5 years! So again mr ninjutsu - or Corrupt0Killa-TomBut you are wrong. I also recently sat through a Computer Games Lecture. Only in my lecture I questioned the speaker who was CLEARLY funded by Sony (We've also had a microsoft guest lecturer who i was equally harsh with). Criticising many Microsoft products such as Fable 2 and exclusives such as Mass Effect/Lost Planet. When asked and I quote "What the was Haze all about?" There was a rofl of laughter amongst my peers and regular lecturers alike and a rather stunned guest lecturer who shut the f.uck up and sat the f.uck down. Forza 2 has been out for way over 2 years and still looks sweet and is every bit as diverse as GT ever was and more. By the time Forza 3 is released it will be 2 1/2 years later for an upgrade to the solid performer. A building block for a great new game just as PG3 was to PG4, Are you also criticising this game?

Need For Speed churns out games yearly with the newest install looking very very good. Granted i'm not a fan of the last few installments. And not once has a complaint come from EA about building for 360 yet PS3 and i quote "Challenging". Codemasters also complemented the 360 when developing GRID.

PS. I don't think sweet shops or vending machines for that matter will ever make games come out faster unless sugar really does make for more productive staff in which case I may take in a bag of BonBons for my staff tomorrow.

PPS. As you have just turned 18 and are not really eligable for University until September I find your whole post full of Universitys are the only draw for games companies after all. Using multiple accounts to give double thumbs down is not only childish but retarded. Get a life and take some constructive criticism as you are clearly showing Fanboyism when criticising such an Epic game as Forza 2 with a metacritic score of 90%. Also how does microsoft concentrate on Forza? It has a studio working on the game just as Sony have a Studio working on GT what a retarded comment.

PPPS. You just got pwned.
Posted 23:19 on 18 May 2009
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the only reason why you "think" that GT may be hitting some major problems is because your comparing it to a game in which microsoft only care about, there was an article about this on the net and a speaker from a games company which i am literally not allowed to say was telling us at college, even though you may not believe me, game companies are feeling left out and neglected when creating racing games for microsoft because they rather focus on Forza, so more forza games are released rather than the quality GT games which take their time to develop, no company can produce a highly improved and a high quality product/game in a years time, unless they have sweet shops.
Posted 21:39 on 18 May 2009
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I am simply amazed that microsoft developers have managed to get out two sim racers and complete sim racers if Forza 2 is anything to go by in the time the new Gran Turismo is released on PS3 I actually think that GT must be hitting some major problems.
Posted 17:21 on 18 May 2009

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