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Lionhead asks fans for Fable Anniversary achievement ideas

Get your achievement featured in upcoming remake and earn yourself some swag.

Publish date Jul 9 2013

Lionhead teases HD remake of original Fable

Xbox 360 remake of first Fable teased one week before E3.

1 Publish date Jun 4 2013

OXM suggests Fable IV coming in 2013

While the next game in the Fable series is the Kinect-enabled The Journey, the fourth game in the traditional series is set to return in 2013 if an OXM rumour is to be believed.

Publish date Aug 22 2011

Tell Lionhead what you think of Fable

Your thoughts might shape the next game in the series.

5 Publish date Feb 10 2011

Fable cheap this week

The Xbox Original is now available for 800 MS Points.

1 Publish date Mar 16 2009

Molyneux's next game is a 'single, pure thought'

Claims he 'mistook the number of features in a game for how good the game will be'.

Publish date Sep 16 2008

Lionhead has plans for Fable 3, 4, and 5

Also working on a secretive title.

Publish date Jul 29 2008

The Great Xbox Live Debacle: What Gamers Deserve

MS has offered up a free XBL Arcade title to compensate for our Christmas gaming woes. We don't think it's enough.

1 Publish date Jan 4 2008

Molyneux - next-gen is all about middleware

Peter Molyneux has been speaking about the important roll middleware will have in next-gen video game development.

1 Publish date Nov 2 2006

MS acquires Fable creators Lionhead

It's been rumoured to be happening for some time, but Microsoft has today confirmed that it has purchased Lionhead Studios.

4 Publish date Apr 6 2006

Microsoft to buy Lionhead

GamesIndustry.biz is reporting that Microsoft is in the final stages of a deal to acquire Fable and Black & White developer Lionhead.

Publish date Mar 27 2006

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