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Doom 3

Doom is back, this time with a mind blowing new graphics engine.

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Would you like to buy the John Carmack-backed virtual reality headset?

If you've been keeping track of John Carmack's oddball attempt to bring Virtual Reality back to life, here's some good news: you can now help make the device become a reality.

4 Publish date Aug 2 2012

New Doom 3 Xbox multiplayer maps

Activision and id Software have released two new multiplayer maps for Doom 3 on the Xbox.

Publish date Oct 20 2005

Xbox resurrects Evil

IGN is reporting that Activision is planning on releasing the PC DOOM 3 expansion, Resurrection of Evil as a standalone title on the Xbox this autumn.

Publish date Aug 8 2005

April 4th is Doom 3 week

Xbox port and PC expansion both set for worldwide release in the week of April 4th 2005.

Publish date Feb 9 2005

Doom 3 is.... delayed! Again

Further Doom 3 slippage for both the PC and Xbox

Publish date Feb 8 2005

Doom III Xbox joins the Collector's Edition bandwagon

Both the Standard and Collector's edition set for a March 2005 release in the US and Europe.

Publish date Jan 5 2005

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Would you like to buy the John Carmack-backed virtual reality headset? in Article Comments

munkee's Avatar

Im tempted to drop 300bucks on it just to have a dev kit with Doom 3 running on it. That's potentially a really valuable piece of history in the making.

by munkee

Doom thread. in General Gaming

CheekyLee's Avatar

Doom was originally shareware. Mods are usually designed to be shared. You can get the shareware version completely legally , and I doubt very much that any WAD creator will have any problems with...

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Developer: Vicarious Visions
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Genre: Action
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Rating: BBFC 18
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