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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare screenshot
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare screenshot

Activision has officially revealed that Call of Duty 5, Guitar Hero 4 and a new Tony Hawk's game are in "the pipeline".

Tucked away in a fact sheet explaining the mega-merger between Activision and Vivendi is the little nugget revealing that sequels to three of 2007's biggest games are in the works.

We all assumed that the sequels were inevitable, but this is the first time we have seen official confirmation from the game's publisher, Activision. Call of Duty 4 is currently riding high in the charts and enjoying stellar review scores. Guitar Hero 3 is selling amazingly internationally, and DLC is already in place to keep gamers interested. It's an important time for the Tony Hawk series too, with renewed pressure from excellent alternative Skate. Sequels to all three are likely to be key titles for the newly formed company.

As well as that, the fact sheet details already semi-confirmed news that it is developing "new DreamWorks titles, new Marvel titles and entry into racing with Bizarre", the development studio responsible for the Project Gotham Racing series.

Speculating, the new DreamWorks titles will probably be games based on upcoming and existing DreamWorks films, such as Kung-Fu Panda and Shrek Goes Fourth.

The new Marvel titles could be absolutely anything, but we'd like to see a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. And while it's a safe bet to say there will be more Spider-man games, how about a decent licensed game based off the upcoming Wolverine movie?

As for the entry into racing with Bizarre, we know it won't come under the name PGR, because Microsoft owns the franchise, but if it's anywhere near as good as the 360 classic we'll be happy.

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caleb's Avatar
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this is freak in awesome i can not wait
Posted 23:15 on 05 March 2008
im pissed...'s Avatar
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im pissed...

dang man i dont want all aerosmith i want like acdc or somethin better than them aerosmith is like ****in 60 years old
Posted 22:19 on 05 March 2008
Mike's Avatar
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It will be aerosmith...every single song, and if you don't like aerosmith you should really shoot yourself in the frickin head!!!
Posted 01:16 on 04 March 2008
Grr...'s Avatar
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I know this is an expansion, but honestly Aerosmith had their time, and I really dont want to play a whole game with their songs, This will be a very bad installment to the Guitar Hero series...I personally would have picked a BETTER band like Led Zeppelin, Or Ac/Dc, Even Van Halen Would have been nice, I mean Cmon Aeorsmith?! (WTF)
Posted 01:14 on 01 March 2008
GMStokes08's Avatar
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Actually, GH4 will be another game. Guitar hero aerosmith is sorta like rock the 80s. An expansion pack.
Posted 22:02 on 27 February 2008
?'s Avatar
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no, it is all aerosmith songs
Posted 03:09 on 26 February 2008
rockingutitar's Avatar
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yeah ****in right its not gonna be aerosmith you idiot
Posted 22:12 on 23 February 2008
anonymous's Avatar
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All I have to say is they just announced that guitar hero 4 is GUITAR HERO:AEROSMITH how gay? a full game all about aerosmith, I don't know if Im going to buy that!
Posted 23:08 on 19 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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ya thats true, these kind of songs got boring
Posted 04:16 on 16 February 2008
unanimous's Avatar
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i think there should be all songs for guitar hero 4 based on nickelback,linkin park, 3 doors down, zz top, aerosmith, u2, ozzy, bob marley, we need some of the more newer stuff
Posted 05:03 on 15 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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jordan by megaherz? and definitely Pour Some Sugar on Me would be gr8 for gh4
Posted 21:17 on 10 February 2008
milinko's Avatar
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i kno u get this all the time but, slipknots "wait and bleed" shuld be in gh4 and also for and intense song along the lines of "Through the Fire and Flames" and "Jordan" wuld proly be any song by Nitro with Michale Angelo Batio.
Posted 05:26 on 09 February 2008
word dawg's Avatar
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word dawg

u should make a gh4
Posted 00:26 on 09 February 2008

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