Armed & Dangerous Cheats for Xbox

On: Xbox
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Cheats & Hints 1

Enter X, X, X, R, A, L, L, Y as a cheat code.

Play Any Level:

Enter Y, White, Black, L, A, R, R, Y as a cheat code.

Fill Health Bar:

Enter X, R, A, Y, Black, B, A, R as a cheat code.

Infinite Ammo:

Enter A, L, L, Black, B, White, L, L as a cheat code.

View Any Movie:

Enter A, Y, A, Y, Black, R, A, Y as a cheat code.

God Mode:

Enter Y, A, B, X, B, A, A, L as a cheat code.

Big Heads:

Enter L, Black, B, White, White, B, Black, L as a cheat code.

Big Hands:

Enter R, White, X, L, White, R, R, Y as a cheat code.

Big Boots:

Enter R, White, Y, A, L, B, White, X as a cheat code.

Topsy Turvy Bomb:

Enter Y, A, B, B, A, B, White, White as a cheat code.

Fill Ammo:

Enter Black, B, A, R, R, A, L, Black while playing.

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 1

Download: FAQ

FAQ/Walkthrough v0.40.

(Downloads are on an external site and open in a new window)
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Rating: PEGI 12+
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