Disc Lickers: Episode 5

Matt is solo this week and resists the urge to only feature League of Legends. Instead there's Halo charity live stream highlights and XCOM.

7 Publish date 4:27pm at 26 Oct 2012

Steel Battalion Heavy Armour: First 10 Minutes

We recalibrate our Kinect sensors and make time for our war pals in Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor.

2 Publish date 9:25am at 20 Jun 2012

Halo 2: Behind the Scenes: Making of Halo 2 Feature

Many years ago, some people made a game called Halo 2. Then they made a video about themselves making that very same game. This is their story.

Publish date 3:27pm at 01 May 2012

Half-Life 2: Free Yourself Trailer

Game ownership is no longer dictated by platform.

Publish date 4:28pm at 26 May 2010

Fable II: Fable vs Fable II: Graphics Comparison

See for yourself just how much the visuals in Fable II have been improved over the first game.

Publish date 2:59pm at 24 Oct 2008

Hitman the movie

Publish date 6:05pm at 06 Jul 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer

Videogame based on the new CG feature-length film.

Publish date 2:39pm at 01 Mar 2007

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Trailer

Return to one-on-one action after the 3D adventure Shaolin Monks.

Publish date 11:21pm at 04 Feb 2007


Episode 74 27 Aug

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