ZombiU Downloads for Wii U

On: Wii U

ZombiU: In the Eye of ZombiU Part 2

The second part of Ubisoft's making-of series for its zombie survival game on Wii U.

Publish date Oct 3 2012

ZombiU: Zombies in Dusseldorf

A bunch of zombies takes assault Dusseldorf...

Publish date Sep 19 2012

ZombiU: Wii U Launch Window Roundup Trailer

Take an early look at every title due for release during the Wii U's launch window.

Publish date Sep 14 2012

ZombiU: Ubisoft Wii U Launch Line-up

A montage of Ubisoft's Wii U launch window titles.

Publish date Sep 13 2012

ZombiU: Tower of London Trailer

Footage from the Tower of London stage in Ubisoft's Wii U launch title.

Publish date Sep 13 2012

Game Stats

Release Date: 30/11/2012
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Survival Horror
No. Players: 1-4
Rating: PEGI 18+
Site Rank: 1,926
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