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Watch Dogs screenshot

Watch Dogs will release on November 21, 2013, according to a pulled listing on Dutch retailer Gamemania.

The retailer allegedly posted the release date alongside details of the game's Special Edition over the weekend, revealing that the unannounced edition is set to contain the "Breakthrough Mission Pack", a bonus pack containing an additional single-player mission and the 'Vehicle Expert Pack', which includes a set of free vehicles.

The listing has since been removed.

Meanwhile, details of Watch Dog's Collector's Edition were posted by Swiss retailer, with Amazon UK also revealing one of the game's pre-order bonuses.

The Collector's Edition is alleged to include an exclusive figurine of lead character Aiden Pearce, "Silver, Gold & Platinum DLC", an artbook, steelbook, interactive map, badges, four augmented reality cards and the game's soundtrack.

Customers who pre-order Watch Dogs from Amazon, meanwhile, will receive the game's "Multiplayer Pack", a pre-order bonus containing two additional skins, two "$$$ Perks" and two Faction Tags.

Ubisoft has yet to officially announce a release date for Watch Dogs, or reveal details about the game's Collector's or Special Editions.

If accurate, however, the date would pin Watch Dogs for release three weeks after Ubisoft's other top Christmas title - Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - goes on sale.

The release timing could also drop a hint as to when to expect next-gen consoles. The game is expected to be available around the time of PlayStation 4's launch, with a version of the game also in development for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox.

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VG_Dave's Avatar


Yeah, I agree. I've often thought that Ubisoft could be its own greatest competitor this year and that sales of one could cannibalise sales of the other. Very interested to see how it'll play out.
Posted 12:27 on 29 April 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Novemeber 21? Isn't that around the same time that Assassins creed usually comes out? (Three weeks after infact) I would of thought that the people who would buy this game and the people who would buy assassins creed would be a similar market. If the two games release too close to each other then they could eat into each others profits.

Then again, this games release period needs a wide birth of GTA5, I guess that's either November/ december or and early August release. The latter being less feasible.

Personally if I had to pick between the two I would choose this over AC4. Partially because the idea of hacking your enviroment and scifi interests me, and partially because Pirates don't interest me at all. Also, the main reason I liked the assassins creed series originally was because the parkour screamed to me open world Prince of Persia, but that ideal has kind of disapeared in the later games as they've move to more recent time periods (comparativily speaking).
Posted 11:38 on 29 April 2013

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