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Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

A video showcasing Watch Dogs' online multiplayer has leaked online.

The video, which you can see below, shows an example of the game's online hacking mode, which lets players seamlessly enter other players' cities and attempt to hack into their system.

The multiplayer mode is essentially a futuristic twist on Assassin's Creed's Manhunt mode, which sees players stalking their target and, if discovered, attempting to escape.

We were given a look at the mode at E3 last week and were left impressed by what we saw.


Source: AllGamesBeta

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IronMit's Avatar


That looks quite fun. Like a stealth version of dark souls invasions.

Although simply clicking on people and being told 'not hacker' in 0.1 seconds is a bit disappointing....trying to analyse who looks suspicious from behaviour (walking patterns/people trying to hide/making use of blind spots) would be more interesting.

(*Is that would assassins creed multiplayer does? Not sure, haven't played it)

But in this one a hacker has no reason to daringly walk straight past his hackee like a regular npc, because the target will just be spamming one button on everything.
Posted 11:50 on 21 June 2013

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