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mario happy meal -

Super Mario will soon be appearing in McDonald's Happy Meals, the fast-food chain has revealed.

A post on the restaurant's Advantage Club page explained: "Our next Happy Meal invites kids to Run, Jump and Power Up with Super Mario!"

We assume excited children will find a variety of Super Mario toys packed-in with their burger and chips (or carrot sticks and apple if the child has mean parents). Analysis

Could the Happy Meal be Nintendo's Trojan Horse which gets Mario - and then the Wii U - into the home of UK families?

Source: mcdonalds via nintendolife

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ KamSage

At £2 i'd buy the happy meal and throw the food away. my son only ever has their fish fingers anyway. I'm kinda of the opinion that it's no worse than buying frozen burgers or chicken dippers etc. Everything in moderation.

Personally I still dont like them, but it's not like we eat them often enough for it to be an issue.
Posted 13:24 on 06 February 2014


Having watched Supersize Me again recently, I have to say this feels like an immoral thing for Nintendo to go ahead with. The Wii was one of the healthiest consoles that people played, keeping you active whilst playing a game and now they're endorsing the fat, salty poison that's McDonalds?
Posted 10:38 on 06 February 2014


Mmmmm. Burgers.

I'm betting this news article was fuelled by a lunch time trip yesterday?
Posted 10:03 on 06 February 2014

Churchy@ BombaLuigi

Yeah, and he'll stamp on your pet tortoise, eat all your mushrooms and then steal your loose change ;)
Posted 09:04 on 06 February 2014


If you have a Princess in your Happy Meal, don't take her Home. Some Italien Guy will come for her ^^
Posted 16:27 on 05 February 2014
gnothfield's Avatar


Looks like they've done this across Europe already, starting last September in Sweden & Portugal:
Posted 15:42 on 05 February 2014

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