Mario Kart 8 screenshot
Mario Kart 8 screenshot

Mario Kart 8 will offer online multiplayer for up two 12 players, with pre-game chat using the Wii U GamePad's microphone supported in the lobby, Nintendo has announced.

Players also have the ability to create public or private tournaments to take place at a specific time and day.

Ghost data has been an important element of Mario Kart games and this continues in Mario Kart 8 with the ability to compete against ghost racers from friends, plus the times of the top 10 worldwide racers. Beat a ghost from a member of the development team and you'll earn a Miiverse stamp.

Nintendo is embracing the YouTube generation with Mario Kart TV. This in-game channel gives players the ability to view highlight reels from the races and tournaments they've taken part in, complete with rewind and slow-motion features. Link a Google account and you can also upload gameplay reels directly to YouTube.

The all new Super Horn power-up has also been detailed, which issues a sonic wave that blasts away everything in the vicinity including other drivers, Red Shells and Spiny Shells. The Crazy Eight is also introduced in MK8, a swirl of eight different items that players can use one by one.

Finally, two new playable racers have been announced. Pink Gold Peach is a heavyweight class, while Baby Rosalina joins the lightweight roster.

Mario Kart 8 launches on May 30. Register your copy to receive a free Wii U game download.

Source: Press release

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Stoenk@ BombaLuigi

As far as I understood all that Nintendo does is receive the ad revenue. And when a video only consists of gameplay and nothing else then that's fine to me.
Posted 11:36 on 02 May 2014


So.... they let People upload to Youtube just to flag then the Video on Youtube?

Can't imagine they stop doing that on every Video that has Visual or Audio from a Nintendo Game.
Posted 16:19 on 30 April 2014

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