hyrule warrior -
hyrule warrior -

A new Zelda title, tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors, will be released for Wii U in 2014, Nintendo has announced.

The new action game is based on Tecmo Koei's Warriors series, promising much hacking and slashing.

You'll know all we do by watching the trailer below.

Source: Press release

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CharleSketch's Avatar


It looks pretty fun to me as far as first-reveal, teaser gameplay videos go. The only thing that took me back a bit was the music; I'll be keeping my eye on this one.
Posted 21:11 on 18 December 2013


I'm a fan of Warriors but... This seems like such a fan made game and not a proper one I can't take it seriously...
I think i'd need to see who was developing this. And a lot more characters. It looks fun... ish....
Posted 20:50 on 18 December 2013


Its brilliant. Dynasty Warrior with Zelda Theme, how could that not be brilliant?
Posted 20:00 on 18 December 2013
Dreamcaster's Avatar


It's not my cup of tea but there are alot of Dynasty Warrior fans out there who will probably love this!!
Posted 17:06 on 18 December 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Firstly, I think this is an important quote from the Nintendo direct:

Originally Posted by Satoru Iwata
"The trailer you just saw is not the next installement of Nintendo's core Legend of Zelda series, but is a whole new game for Wii U. Bringing togother Techmo Koai's Warriors series with the world of Zelda."

Ok, got that out of the way, who else agrees that this game looks balls? I'm sure there probably has been at least one person who has asked for this, but I doubt anyone thought Nintendo go through with it.

I mean seriously this is going to end up being another Metroid other M situation where Nintendo gives one of their series to an untrusted dev and it ends up disappointing (if not completely terrible).

I must prefix that whilst Dynasty Warriors games can be fun to some, they not are what I'd call products made with quality.
Posted 16:59 on 18 December 2013


Good god this looks dire. Nice effort on the placeholder logo as well guys, really.

Who on earth asked for Zelda Dynasty Warriors!?
Posted 16:45 on 18 December 2013
ShadowmanX5's Avatar


I honestly have no idea what to think of this...
Posted 16:33 on 18 December 2013
Snuffsis's Avatar


This is looking awesome, i can't wait to play it. Definitely a game that will make me buy a Wii U.
Posted 15:54 on 18 December 2013


I can't even think of a comment. What the hell was that crap!
Posted 15:39 on 18 December 2013

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