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10 games that we want remastered on next-gen

Rumour has it that Mass Effect is coming to next-gen at some point, sending people into a frenzy. With that in mind, here's why that should happen, and 9 other games that should follow suit...

13 Publish date Mar 3

Aliens: Colonial Marines Stasis Interrupted DLC tells Hicks' story between Aliens & Alien 3

Brand new campaign forms the final part of Colonial Marines season pass.

Publish date Jul 23 2013

Game over for Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U

Sci-fi shooter cancelled on Wii U, despite earlier promises of being the "best-looking console version".

2 Publish date Apr 8 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer hit by layoffs

25 people let go at TimeGate Studios, report suggests.

2 Publish date Mar 5 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines patch stops aliens walking through welded doors

"NPCs no longer attempt to open doors while being welded."

1 Publish date Feb 13 2013

Why Do Developers Keep Getting Aliens Wrong?

Colonial Marines is a mess, but it's not the only bad Aliens game. What can future games do to capture the magic of the source material?

10 Publish date Feb 12 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines has gone gold, but Wii U version not ready yet

February 12 release date only applies to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions.

Publish date Jan 17 2013

Female marines added to Aliens: Colonial Marines

Playable in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

1 Publish date Sep 3 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines gets Marines vs Xenomorphs multiplayer mode

Aliens: Colonial Marines will feature a Marines versus Xenomorphs team multiplayer mode, SEGA and Gearbox have announced.

1 Publish date Aug 30 2012

Pitchford suggests next-gen projects are underway at Gearbox

Gearbox is a busy bee, working on Borderlands 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, but Randy Pitchford and his team is also looking ahead to the next-generation.

Publish date Aug 30 2012

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