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Kenji Eno is sitting next to me. He is slightly larger than your average Japanese developer, with a full face and stringy, shoulder length, jet black hair that he keeps pushing behind his ears. He is holding some unkempt paper, on which is scrawled what looks like words in English, penned in biro. He is mumbling under his breath. Realisation kicks in. He is practising a presentation, one he's about to deliver here, high up on the 31st floor of the Centre Point building in London's West End, to press. He doesn't look nervous, just flustered.

Eno is, and there is no disgrace in not knowing this, famous for founding now defunct Japanese developer Warp and directing and producing the original survival horror game, D, in 1995. He is also something of a recluse. "Japan's wayward son", is how 1UP described him in a piece from last year. In 2000 he went quiet, refusing to give interviews. Now he's back, not exactly in the big time, but certainly on a console that is, with the interesting downloadable WiiWare puzzle game You, Me and the Cubes.

Eno's presentation is short and sweet, but certainly memorable. Here's how it goes:

You, Me, and the Cubes is quite the departure. Kenji Eno also created survival horror Enemy Zero for the SEGA Saturn.

You, Me, and the Cubes is quite the departure. Kenji Eno also created survival horror Enemy Zero for the SEGA Saturn.


Thank you. I'm Kenji Eno, designer, director and also the music composer on this game, You, Me and the Cubes. I'm happy to be here. I'd like to talk about why I created this game, You, Me and the Cubes. I created in 1999 my last game, D2 for Dreamcast, but I'm happy to create a video game again here. So, I have kind of a story of why I wanted to create video games again with Nintendo. Maybe in 2005 or 2006, I saw a presentation and announcement for the Revolution by Mr Iwata, online on my PC. I was surprised at the unique controller he held. I thought, I want this one, but I could not get that one because I wasn't creating video games. So I drew with Photoshop a Wii Remote, printed it out, and then cut it, so I created the "paper craft" Wii Remote. I laughed at me, at why I created a "paper craft". So I called Nintendo, "I really want to create a new kind of game with this controller with you". That's why I'm here. Thank you. Ciao. Bye.


And that's it. "Thank you. Ciao. Bye." Eno disappears behind some curtains. I think to myself, I can't wait to play his new game.

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Release Date: 25/09/2009
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