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A new collection of sports games.

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While most the games here are excellent...
While most the games here are excellent...

While most the games here are excellent...

Making the follow-up to the game that convinced millions to buy a Wii can't have been easy for Nintendo. Wii Sports is the very definition of a party game, with the Wii taken out of the cupboard on special occasions just so the entire family of non-gamers can pretend to play tennis, golf, boxing, bowling and baseball. For many people the Wii is Wii Sports, so much so that other games might as well not exist. So why should those people care about MotionPlus standard bearer Wii Sports Resort? Are their party nights going to be any better with the addition of Nintendo's next big thing?

The game begins with a brief skydive onto the Wii Sports Resort island, during which you’re moving your Mii as he or she plummets to the ground. After you’ve parachuted down, it's time to get stuck into the 12 games on offer, with only Golf and Bowling returning from the original selection of five. First up is Swordplay, which is pretty self explanatory and one of the games that most obviously makes use of Wii MotionPlus. Initially all that's available here is Duel mode, in which you fight an opponent (computer or fellow human via split-screen) using a wooden sword. Your motions are tracked incredibly well, allowing you to slash from all angles, and block incoming attacks while holding down the B trigger. Mindless waggling doesn't produce great results, but as long as you play properly, stood up and with proper gestures (as if you were actually holding a sword), the game recognises your actions superbly and there's a lot of fun to be had.

Do well in Duel mode and two additional sword mini-games will be unlocked. The first pits you against another player as you attempt to slice objects apart with slashes in the direction as indicated by on-screen arrows. Finally there's Showdown, a kind of on-rails slash 'em up that sees your Mii taking on a series of enemies in a traditional level structure. Certain enemies are tougher than others and use more advanced blocking techniques, so it's not just a case of wildly swinging the Wii Remote to take down all that stands before you.

After such a strong start you'll likely feel a slight bump as you come down to earth with Wakeboarding. It's not that this mini-game is poor, it's just a bit dull and doesn't feel like it makes the best use of MotionPlus. With the Wii Remote held horizontally you tilt to steer left and right while being pulled along on a ski by a powerboat. By flicking the controller up as you ski over the boat's wake you can get some impressive air and perform tricks. With no points awarded unless you actually land properly, it's all about maintaining control, with a solid return to the water rewarding you with points and no loss in speed.

... a few aren't so good.

... a few aren't so good.

Frisbee is far more successful as a demo for MotionPlus, not only because your Mii's actions mimic your own very closely, but also because the game feels incredibly tactile and takes time to master. The core mode simply sees you trying to hit targets with your Frisbee, perhaps throwing it through balloons in the process, and watching as your dog catches it just before it hits the ground. Of more long-term interest for many will be Frisbee Golf, which lets you play a number of holes using three Frisbees that have different ranges: long, medium and short. Rather than having to hit a small target similar to a hole, to finish you simply need to throw the Frisbee through a large target, ideally in less shots than par.

Archery is another game that doesn't seem to be designed around the use of MotionPlus, but it's also one of the best games included in the collection. By holding the Wii Remote vertically in your left hand and holding the Nunchuck in your right as if it's an arrow, you aim with the Remote and pull and release with the Nunchuck. With various difficulties to contend with it's a game that offers plenty of challenge and feels good to play. Basketball is pretty simple, and again doesn't seem to be designed around MotionPlus. The two mini-game variants on offer both centre on shooting, which is triggered by flicking the Remote over your head to make your player jump, then waiting for the right moment before flicking forward to release the ball at the net.

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JediKnight's Avatar


Very good review, Tom. The Dueling seems to be the most popular game right now, and I must agree it works for the most part. I did find that blocking was not detected in all places, but we have to remember that we are dealing with a stationary character. - To me, it is what the Wiimote should have been.

Archery, though, as accurate as the angle is, did not exceed my expectations. Maybe it was the distance I was from my tv, but the nunchuk pull back speed did not coincide with my hand motions most of the time. I find if you just waggle the nunchuk, the bow is immediately pulled back.

GeNeCyDe199, the water did not seem rushed, just the fact that you wanted some more. Canoeing I found very enoyable as well, just that it is a workout! Also with the Wave Race game, the controls felt tight in practicing, but in the actual obstacles, just lack luster. - Of course, I still have visions of Wave Race from my 64, so I just might be expecting more!
Posted 18:11 on 28 July 2009
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Good review, from the sounds of it the game could have been a classic except from a few errors on Nintendos part. Did the water games feel rushed? or just lack of effort?
Posted 10:49 on 28 July 2009

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Wii Sports Resort
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Wii Sports Resort
  • Most the mini-games are great
  • Some excellent MotionPlus support
  • Why no proper tennis?
  • The water games aren't great
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Release Date: 24/07/2009
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