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£89 Wii bundle begins festive price war

UK supermarket chain Asda has launched a new price promotion on Nintendo's Wii, making it the lowest price ever on the UK high street for the console.

4 Publish date Nov 7 2011

Wii Sports to be sold in the UK

Part of a new Nintendo Selects budget range.

4 Publish date May 4 2011

Wii Sports Resort nears 7 million sales

Predecessor has topped 50 million worldwide.

Publish date Nov 2 2009

New Wii bundle rumoured for UK

Will include Wii MotionPlus, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Publish date Sep 23 2009

Nintendo has no plans to change Wii software bundle

Wii Sports Resort will not replace the original Wii Sports.

Publish date Aug 13 2009

More than 8 million Wiis sold in Japan

Wii Sports the top-selling game with 3.48 million units.

Publish date Apr 22 2009

Nintendo's million-seller list

Nintendogs and Wii Play head-up Nintendo's best-sellers.

3 Publish date Jan 30 2009

Wii Sports biggest selling game of all time

Has surpassed Super Mario. Bros.

3 Publish date Jan 5 2009

Moore: Wii Sports stopping sports titles selling on Wii

Free Wii game good enough for a lot of people, says EA Sports boss.

4 Publish date Nov 25 2008

Wii Sports Resort to use MotionPlus

To launch globally next spring.

1 Publish date Jul 15 2008

Wii Tennis broadcast to global audience at Oscars

Nintendo's console hangs out with the stars at the 80th Academy Awards.

Publish date Feb 25 2008

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