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Latest in Capcom's 'Versus' series hit's the Wii.

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The game forces you to play through arcade mode loads of times in order to unlock every character. Bah!
The game forces you to play through arcade mode loads of times in order to unlock every character. Bah!

The game forces you to play through arcade mode loads of times in order to unlock every character. Bah!

The first is the Baroque Combo, which has absolutely nothing to do with ancient paintings. It's sort of similar to cancelling combos with a Focus Attack in Street Fighter 4. At high levels, players use it to keep combos going when they know one of their standard attacks will miss. Also new is the Cross-Over Air Raid, which, again, is designed to keep combos going. Here, a fireball motion and P will call in your partner mid air combo, allowing you to continue dishing out damage. On the defensive side of TvC's fighting system is the Mega Crash (all four buttons), which is like a "get out of a combo free" card. It creates a barrier around your character, which sends your opponent flying backwards once touched. It's incredibly useful, which is probably why it consumes the Hyper Combo Gauge and a bit of your life bar.

TvC's fighting system is built upon a simple premise: cause as much damage as you can with multi-hit combos. The game might be streamlined and simplified compared with previous VS. titles, but the combos are no less devastating. Some characters can even do combos of the hundred hit variety, and they cause, literally, billions of points of damage. But it's all relative. Your average TvC match lasts five minutes, depending on the skill level of the fighters. Each of your opponent's characters' life bars must be depleted in order to win, and, despite how spectacular some of the attacks are, that can take a while.

Undoubtedly, it's a lot of fun, albeit in a somewhat throwaway manor. The game's fighting system is deep, and its roster well balanced - pretty much every character is viable, which is one hell of an achievement - but it doesn't quite reach the heights of Street Fighter 4's strategic brilliance or the heart-pounding thrills of MvC2. And then there's the inescapable truth: half the roster is made up of unknowns. Doronjo and Karas going up against Ippatsuman and Roll doesn't have draw of a Spider-Man, Zangief and Cable versus Wolverine, Jill Valentine and Magneto match-up. This can't be denied.

Beyond criticism, though, are the graphics. The game is a cel-shaded 2.5D fighter like Street Fighter 4, which means that while the fighting takes place on a 2D plane, everything is rendered in wonderful, eye-catching 3D. Every fighter is beautifully animated, with attacks that blend together as seamlessly as Nesquik and full-fat milk. From a distance some of the Tatsunoko characters look similar, but up close the level of detail is quite impressive, and sets them apart. The backgrounds are great, too. Some we'd even argue are up there with those found in Street Fighter 4. In short, TvC looks fabulous, and is certainly the best-looking fighting game on the Wii.

Making the game a more attractive purchase for those who aren't fortunate enough to live near like-minded mates is a pretty robust online system - surprisingly so for the Wii - which features free, ranked, friend and rival battles (the game will even tell you when your rivals are online). Battle Points are gained for winning ranked matches, and there's a ranking ladder to climb up. Unfortunately, though, the online game is pretty bare bones. There's no spectator or lobby system, for example. The important thing, however, is it works, and we didn't encounter much lag at all.

The sheer quality of TvC makes Capcom's decision to release the game exclusively on the Wii all the more surprising. It surely would have found a greater audience on Xbox LIVE and PSN. Indeed, the console it's least likely to find an audience with, we reckon, is the Wii. The Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo is a depressingly cumbersome way to play the game. A Game Cube controller, or Classic Controller, is the minimum requirement. The hardcore won't touch the game without a fighting stick.

Perhaps TvC is a test, then. If it sells even remotely well, maybe we'll see a sequel on Microsoft and Sony's consoles. Or maybe, fingers crossed, it'll add further weight to the case for MvC3. Until then, we'll just have to make do. Luckily for Wii owners, having to make do isn't so bad after all.

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User Comments

MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Machetazo

To late man he already said in an interview that probably won't make this game 360 or ps3 because of the fact the this game one has been out for 2 years already ( in japan) and if they haven't made a ps3 version since the chances they won't and two one developer said that this game was built to play to the wii best graphical powers advantages and hardware that they would have to start from scratch if they wanted to port so if it does come expect next year at least. And three this game wasn't supposed to come anyway so they paper work needed to make a port here would take years to fill....

Anyway nice review wez but:
"not as good as MvC2 and SF4"
Ouch!! MvC2 I understand but sf4! That's and 360/ PS3 games, this the wii what do you expect?
Posted 21:59 on 02 February 2010
Machetazo's Avatar

Machetazo@ Endless

If they did commit to it, now, it might affect sales of the Wii version. Besides, chances are they'd have to develop specifically for the ps3/x360, to launch it on those platforms. They've not entirely dismissed the idea, and theirs seems to be a smart stance to take on the suggestion.
Posted 13:36 on 02 February 2010
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Machetazo

I call BS on that, i'm pretty sure enough people will have voiced this opinion already for them to have commited to it from the beginning.
Posted 12:29 on 02 February 2010
Machetazo's Avatar

Machetazo@ renegade

"If enough fans say, 'We want this on PS3 and 360,' we might do that," Niitsuma said. "It was because of the fans we were able to bring this game to the states in the first place."
Posted 11:25 on 02 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Wow this did a hell of a lot better than I thought it would.
Seriously awesome review Wes,
it's a shame it'll probably be overlooked due to it's name.
Posted 11:05 on 02 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar




Some other reviews for you lazy people! Seems to be getting anything from 8 to 9, must be good :)
Posted 09:29 on 02 February 2010


Nice, good review Wes.

Shall re-watch my Gatchaman collection in anticipation!
Posted 07:27 on 02 February 2010

renegade@ Bloodstorm

apparently it wont come to them sadly mate
Posted 03:18 on 02 February 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Totally different company but ok.

An 8? I'd rather wait for the xbox/ps3 version.
Posted 02:19 on 02 February 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Bloody Roar 1 was SO so good. Glad to see they're still making quality fighting titles.
Posted 00:49 on 02 February 2010


"Not as good as MvC2 or SF4" i must say that is harsh it is on the Wii lol.

Well this is not my type of game any way lol
Posted 00:08 on 02 February 2010

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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Out of 10
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
  • Accessible fighting system
  • Lovely graphics
  • Impressive online
  • Not as good as MvC2 or SF4
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