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Disappointing Wii sales for Zack & Wiki and Okami

Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles do OK on Wii, though.

4 Publish date Feb 11 2009

Top 10 Nintendo platform exclusives of 2008

The best Wii and DS games released this year.

3 Publish date Dec 26 2008

Best Games of 2008: 30-21

Our countdown of the top games released this year continues.

6 Publish date Dec 23 2008

Nintendo thinks best is still to come from 3rd parties

With a few exceptions licensees still haven't got the Wii.

1 Publish date Nov 19 2008

Sample Zack & Wiki with new flash game demo

Play a level from the full game.

1 Publish date Mar 5 2008

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles nears a million sales

The on rails shooter surpasses 950k sales and betters estimates by 50%.

Publish date Feb 6 2008

Monday Morning Rant

Good third-party Wii titles aren't selling - and it's Nintendo's fault.

Publish date Jan 21 2008 Plays

What we've been playing this week.

Publish date Jan 19 2008

Heads-up: What's new this week

A look ahead to Friday's new releases.

Publish date Jan 15 2008

Capcom quiet on Zak & Wiki 2 and SF4 date rumour

Sequel to Capcom's Wii adventure rumoured before the first game has made it to UK stores.

Publish date Dec 10 2007

Mario Kart Wii set for Q2 2008

Donkey Kong Jet Race, Battalion Wars 2, Mario Kart Wii and Ace Attorney Apollo Justice all on the way.

Publish date Dec 6 2007

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