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The player controls the shadow of a young boy.

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A Shadow's Tale screenshot
A Shadow's Tale screenshot

On the roof of a tower that flirts with the clouds, there's a boy hanging ominously in the air. Restrained by two stone pillars, it appears that the boy has been imprisoned. What did he do to deserve such punishment? A mysterious man appears, not uttering a word that could answer this question. His features are hidden under the darkness of his cloak, but he makes no effort to conceal the huge sword at his side, which appears to have been made from large metallic jigsaw pieces. Despite not looking like it could cut an onion in half, he swings it aggressively at the defenceless child. As predicted, the sword fails to do any visible damage, but instead cleaves the boy's shadow clean from his body. The cloaked man grabs this severed shadow, and hurls it off the top of the tower, the body left precisely where it was, hanging ominously in the air.

This is where A Shadow's Tale begins - not on top of the tower with the boy, but at the bottom with his shadow. Although the shadow has no memory of what happened, he knows that he must ascend the tower, and reclaim his body; kind of like what Peter Pan had to do, albeit in reverse. The quest takes the form of a platform/puzzle game, with the twist being that you're playing as a shadow, and thus can only walk along platforms that are also made of shadows. The real world has very little meaning to a silhouette, but that's not to say it can't be interacted with...

Enter Spangle, a fairy that curiously appears at the start of the adventure (another nod to Peter Pan, perhaps?). Spangle is the shadow's only link to the physical world, and in turn the player's link to the game world. Pointing the Wii Remote at the screen will move Spangle about, and pressing B will allow her to interact with certain objects. Often you'll need to rotate bits of machinery or swivel walkways in order to cast the right shadows to proceed. The platforming starts off fairly tame; jumping from one moving platform to another is pretty archaic by 2010 standards, but it isn't long before light is introduced as a mechanic and the difficulty ramps up.

One puzzle might have you swinging a lantern with the Wii-mote, which extends certain shadows - making a previously impossible jump achievable. Another might have you sliding a lamp along the bottom of the screen, which allows you to choose where the shadows are cast, and how the subsequent environment will look. This light and shadow puzzling is fairly unique and gives rise to some nifty little graphical touches. For example, if the wall your shadow is cast on disappears, it'll be cast on the next nearest surface, meaning your character can be seen as a tiny black silhouette way in the background of the level. Perspective is used in fascinating ways too, with your shadow running across surfaces that, without shadows to use as platforms, would be impossible to traverse at angles that would be unfeasible in reality.

In order to complete a level, you'll need to collect three 'monitor eyes', a mysterious item that opens a shadow gate at the end of each level. This gives rise to one of my first problems with the game; often I'd find myself at a shadow gate with only two of the required items, forced to backtrack the whole level to find the last one. There's nothing to tell you if you've missed an eye, and you never know how long the level's going to be. Backtracking becomes an alarmingly frequent task, completely ruining the flow of each level. That said, revisiting previous areas is encouraged, to an extent, with another collectible in the form of memories.

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User Comments

Jamin's Avatar


Heh, well noticed.

It's called Lost in Shadow in America, and after a quick wiki'ing I've found it that it's working title was Tower of Shadow. I'm guessing when the game was first announced it went into our system as Tower of Shadow (hence the URL), then we updated the title but it didn't change the title of the -- oh I really don't know tbh.

Does look odd though, will pass on word tomorrow and try and get it sorted.
Posted 22:01 on 07 October 2010
Timid's Avatar


Can I bring something up here?

The title, 'Tower of Shadow' turns up in the URL. Then you have 'A Shadow's Tale' on the first header and on the box image. Then next to Jamin Smith's photo is 'Lost in Shadow'.

How often does a game have THREE different titles?!?
Posted 21:45 on 07 October 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


But this looked amazing.
God damn these awesome looking average games
Posted 20:51 on 06 October 2010

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A Shadow's Tale
Out of 10
A Shadow's Tale
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  • Some innovative puzzles
  • Very unattractive in places
  • Simple platforming
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Release Date: 15/10/2010
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