The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview for Wii

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshot
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshot

Miyamoto: Instead of me playing, while we're talking - he's not nearly as good as I am [laughs], but Harrod from the Tree House at Nintendo will play while we're talking. That way you can focus and get an idea of the game. Make sure your cell phones and whatnot are... please turn them off! Thank you. We don't want to have the same excitement as we had this morning.

Aonuma: The development started with gameplay as its focus. Of course some of this is related directly to Wii MotionPlus - that's obviously the ability to wield your sword freely like this, and the ability to change items instantaneously. This is a mechanism we've been wanting to do with the Legend of Zelda series for a long time. One of the other things we did, and I think those of you who played probably already realised this, we made the map easier to follow. We made it harder to get lost. We really wanted to take a look at that. We hope it works well and we think it does. So make sure that you experience that on the show floor as well.

Miyamoto: One of the reasons people continue to come back to the Zelda franchise is because the core gameplay is something that inherently is fun. Gradually as we introduce more titles in the series, people often tend to fixate on, well you know, how many dungeons are there? What's the storyline? How does the story flow? And what's the focus of this story? But one of the things that we really wanted to do this time around is bring it back to, what is that core gameplay, and what is it that makes it fun, and how can we make it the most engaging gameplay experience that we possibly can?

This is true I think for many Zelda games in the past, and it's probably something that's true for a lot of other developers as well, but often-times when you're working on a game you first start off with an idea of what you want the game to look like and you spend a lot of time working on sketches or the concept art and trying to create that concept art in the game. Often-times there can be a big lag between when the graphics get done and when the game is finally put together and complete.

So last year, actually at this same event, an E3 round table, we showed a single piece of art in relation to this Zelda game. At that time the gameplay structure of the game was very far along and was almost complete, but the only thing we had in terms of graphics to show you was the single piece of art.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword screenshot

So I think particularly now with what we're showing, the gameplay is very complete. And then of course you're starting to see what the visual style is going to look like. In terms of where we're going now with development, we have a few more dungeons to create. We're looking at creating some more challenging bosses. But for the most part we're in the final stretch at this point. So I do feel that because the gameplay structure is so solid at this point that we are on a good pace and are going to be able to put it together relatively quickly. But because this particular style of development is something a little bit different from what we've done in the past, we're not entirely confident that we would be able to get the game done before the end of the year. I could have come out and said, we are going to try to hit this year. Instead we decided it would be better to just say, we are going to take up through the end of the year for development and we'll try to have the game ready as soon as we can next year.

Aonuma: I'd like to talk about something I think you're all interested in: that's the story. We'll also look at the graphical style of the game. In the trailer we showed you this one final scene, Link diving off that cliff into that giant sea of clouds, and it's obviously a very impactful scene. I was wondering how many of you saw it and how many of you remember that scene?

[Lots of hands go up.]

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User Comments

Woffls's Avatar


The way the game has been developed has meant that visuals have, quite rightly, taken a low priority. They are still working on this game and will be doing so for at least the rest of 2010, so give them the benefit of the doubt if you think it doesn't look good now. Not that it should make a difference if you genuinely want to play the game.

My opinion is that it looks great already because of the cel shading, but the lighting is quite flat and there's little in the way of atmosphere so far. That said I would be more than happy if they shipped it looking like that.
Posted 18:14 on 18 June 2010
strickers66's Avatar


The power of Wii means games look like arse unless the art design is very good and that Zelda is pants.I know everyone loves Ninty design but I don't.I think Mario looks like arse too.Fat Italian plumber that looks like a Village People reject.Each to their own but show some one Zelda without prior knowledge and they will say it looks crap.I tried it at work and no one thought it looked good.
When I said some reviews said Mario Galaxy 2 looked like a 360/PS3 game in SD,people laughed,as did I.No matter how much you love stuff,you can't just let it cloud your vision.You won't find me making the case for Twisted Metal looking AAA but i'll still probably love it.
Posted 19:35 on 17 June 2010


Strickers66 - i think the game looks rather good its still got away to go before its complete and i have a 100% faith in Nintendo to add the finishing touches. Plus the Graphical style of the game compliments the power of the wii. As for them trying to sell Wii Motion Plus i cant blame them, i would love to see more games make use of this device.
Posted 13:39 on 17 June 2010
strickers66's Avatar


Zelda looked bad.Graphics are poor,stilted animation and all Wii controls.They are using it to force sales of Motion plus,which merely does what they said the Wii would from the beginning.People are so blind for Ninty.
Posted 06:33 on 17 June 2010
Woffls's Avatar


I think Skyloft serves a very important role in this game, not just in the structural implementation that was alluded to, but in what it means to Link and the player.

Link's home is a vital part of most Zelda games -though I didn't get this impression in Twilight Princess. In Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker he was brought up in these isolated communities which felt almost like a haven: safe from the outside world. Skyloft does this again, but this time Link doesn't even KNOW about the world outside of Skyloft. I'm sure everyone who loves Zelda games like I do will understand this, and I'm sure it's just as applicable in other RPG style games, but I've always felt that it's an important part of Zelda.

So yeh, that's about 0.1% of everything I want to say about Zelda at the moment ^_^
Posted 18:20 on 16 June 2010
Wido's Avatar


I can't wait for this. I'll wait for a Zelda bundle with the Wii to get this.
Posted 14:44 on 16 June 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


I'd like Twilight Princess on 3DS now plez.
Posted 14:29 on 16 June 2010
Endless's Avatar


F-Zero. I would actually consider buying a Wii if they did a new F-Zero. And the online didn't suck balls.
Posted 13:07 on 16 June 2010
robotboys's Avatar


Niiice. Unfortunately Zelda is the only thing I look forward to from Nintendo now and this has kept the once burning flame from being totally extinguished for me.
Posted 11:08 on 16 June 2010

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