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Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan Preview for Wii

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Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan screenshot
Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan screenshot

VideoGamer.com: Is the difficulty part of the nostalgia value of those old school adventure games?

DG: I do hear from people who like that about them but not very many. We are in touch with the hardcore fans. They've been telling us what they think and they do like the new series. What that says to me is that the things that they cared about were more about engaging with the characters and the story and playing their way through it and having a good time, rather than beating their head against a wall on some particular puzzle they couldn't figure out. They enjoy the successes more than the frustrations, as would any normal person.

VideoGamer.com: You touched upon in your presentation why the Wii is a great platform for Tales of Monkey Island. What is it exactly about WiiWare that makes it right for the series rather than Xbox LIVE Arcade or PSN?

DG: We thought about what the audience would be to like for a game like this. Adventure games by their nature are kind of casual play. Nintendo and the Wii is really all about casual play. They make sense for light fun. I would expect that the WiiWare audience is going to be one where that's the focus. Might not necessarily be the case on another channel. There are benefits to all the channels, but this one seemed like a good fit on that point alone. Also our experience with them with the Strong Bad titles was really good. They seemed to get what we're trying to do with episodic entertainment and they're supporting it pretty well. So, you know, as long as that's working.

VideoGamer.com: Did the control system factor into it at all?

DG: Certainly the Wii control system is really good for an adventure game kind of a thing. The Wii Remote is a good analogue for pointing at something with a mouse, which is one of your basic interactive modes. We've also recently gone into direct control mode in our games, to increase the tactile sensation of being in the world. So then we just put the Nunchuck in your other hand and you drive the character with that. It sort of worked out very well with the way that we control our games. It sits well with the Wii controls.

VideoGamer.com: Do you have any release date details for Chapter Three specifically regarding the Wii?

DG: I don't have any release dates for Chapter Three regarding the Wii. I do know that it's coming out on the PC on September 29, I just learned. Wii is usually shortly thereafter.

VideoGamer.com: You said in your presentation that you're aiming for a month gap between the release of each episode. Is that the sweet spot you've identified?

Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan screenshot

DG: It does seem to be a good gap. It gives us enough time to work on the series. We might be able to do something more frequent. But we took inspiration from comic books for that period of time. Comic book is kind of like a game where you get it and you read it but then maybe you go back and you page through it a little and you pay attention and take a closer look at the pictures and stuff. You sort of chew on it for a little while. And that's the same way we expect people to be interacting with the games. They're going to spend a little time with them, then talk about with them with their friends and then a new one's going to come out.

VideoGamer.com: Finally, I read online you guys are perhaps considering making games more serious in tone that's not licensed. Are you serious about that?

DG: Yeah. Certainly there are a lot of internal pitches that go around. Some of them are original IP stuff. Some of them are more serious than what I've seen. We would like to stretch our legs a little bit and expand the horizons. It's just a question of getting the business nuts and bolts to work out for that and to make it happen. Certainly eventually you'll see all kinds of stuff.

VideoGamer.com: But it will always be episodic?

DG: That is the general idea and that's working really well for us right now. I won't say we'll never do anything else, but that's where our focus is.

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter Two is out now on Wiiware. Chapter 3 is out on the PC on September 29.

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