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When Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime told last week that Wii-owners can expect "a big game for the holiday" the Internet blew up. And why not? When Nintendo does take the time to make games tailored towards its more hardcore fans, they usually turn out stupendously well. So, with speculation hitting critical levels asks what exactly has Nintendo got up its sleeve?

Let's back up a bit and examine what Reggie said in more detail. "I'll tell you this," he said. "We're going to have great new content maximising all of our key franchises. It's going to be a great second half.

"There's going to be a big game for the holiday that gamers will want. All I can tell you is what we announce during E3 is going to be fantastic. The gamers are going to be excited and the expanded audience is going to be excited. We're gonna have great content."

Could a new Zelda game be on the cards?

Could a new Zelda game be on the cards?

Food for thought, eh? So, what can we glean from Reggie's comments? He mentions "great new content maximising all of our key franchises". Let's have a think about what Nintendo's key franchises are.

The obvious ones are The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. But Nintendo also has some extremely popular franchises that haven't seen big releases in recent times, including Donkey Kong, Wave Race, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pokemon and Pilotwings. And let's not forget, Nintendo has established some key new franchises that have been extremely popular with, as Reggie puts it, the expanded audience, including Nintendogs, Wii Sports, Brain Training and Animal Crossing.

So let's go through them one by one. How about a new The Legend of Zelda game, announced at E3 this July, for the Wii this Christmas? We here at certainly think this is possible, although we would find it odd that Nintendo would reveal such a blockbuster title only four or five months before release. There have been Internet rumours however, that Retro Studios, of Metroid Prime fame, is working on a Legend of Zelda spin-off, and that it will be announced at E3, which correlated with Reggie's comments. Could Reggie be talking about a Zelda FPS for Christmas 2008? Perhaps. We're certainly pumped for a new Zelda game, in whatever form it comes. Despite hugely positive reviews, we felt that Twilight Princess wasn't the best title in the illustrious series. This Christmas will be exactly two years after Twilight Princess came out as a Wii launch title. We reckon that's just enough time for the bods at Nintendo HQ to have concocted a stellar new Link adventure.

We seriously doubt Reggie's talking about a completely new and proper Super Mario title since Galaxy was only released in November 2007. Nintendo is surely not going to have such a game ready so soon. What about a new Metroid game? The Metroid Prime series was brought to an end with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, released in November last year. Because of this, we think a brand new Metroid game is also unlikely. And if Retro Studios is hard at work on a new Zelda title, we doubt it's got a new Metroid title up its sleeve.

We doubt Nintendo has a new Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. game in line for Christmas 08.

We doubt Nintendo has a new Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. game in line for Christmas 08.

While the Mario Kart series is extremely popular, it's highly unlikely a new game is planned for a Christmas release. Mario Kart Wii is, of course, coming out in the UK on April 11. And despite the fact that Super Smash Bros. Brawl still hasn't received a UK release date, it's surely going to come out this summer. Another SSB title so soon would be ridiculous.

We think a completely new, proper Donkey Kong game is a good shout for Christmas 08. There hasn't been a proper Donkey Kong game since Rare's 1999 Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64, so the series is ripe for an update. Rare, of course, won't be developing it, since it is now owned by Microsoft. But that doesn't mean it can't happen!

There hasn't been a new Wave Race game since 2001's Wave Race: Blue Storm on the Game Cube, which received on the whole positive reviews. Again, there's no reason why a fresh Wave Race on Wii can't be in the works. We'll apply the same theory to Wii versions of Star Fox (Star Fox: Assault, Game Cube, 2005), F-Zero (F-Zero GX, Game Cube, 2003), Pokemon (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, NDS, 2007) and Pilotwings (Pilotwings 64, Nintendo 64, 1997), too. All these titles are ripe for a full, home console Wii release. All would be more than welcome by Nintendo fans.

Let's not discount the new breed of Nintendo casual games. We reckon Wii Sports 2 is more than likely for Christmas 08, with new sports as well as revamped versions of the old ones (better not mess too much with bowling though). And how about Nintendogs for Wii, and another animal type for DS, let's say Nintencats? You'll of course be able to wirelessly transfer your pet from Wii to DS, taking it on the move. You better believe there'll be more Brain Training titles. Fingers crossed, too, for Wii Animal Crossing.

Reggie specifically says that one big game in particular is sure to please Nintendo's more hardcore fans. We'll go out on a limb here and say it's going to be a new Zelda game. It may not be a Zelda game in the traditional sense, but we reckon it will be a Zelda game nonetheless. But Reggie also talks about Nintendo's entire second half of 08 line-up maximising its key franchises, pleasing both gamers and the expanded audience. Based on this, we reckon Nintendo will announce Donkey Kong Wii at E3, and could also be ready to reveal Wii versions of Wave Race, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pokemon and Pilotwings. And we expect Nintendo to shock the world with a Wii Sports 2 announcement, Wii versions of Nintendogs and Animal Crossing and, most likely of all, even more Brain Training.

What we do not expect, however, is a completely new IP from Nintendo specifically for hardcore gamers. That's not really Nintendo's style these days. Ah well. Only four months to go till we find out what exactly Nintendo has up its sleeve.

What games do you think Reggie is talking about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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ragnarokx666's Avatar
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There is one more franchise that has yet to be updated for a longer period of time and that would be you ready for this......Earthbound Wii?????? the gba mother 3 was the last to be realeased but only in japan so what do you think.
Posted 05:36 on 09 June 2008
thad benson's Avatar
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thad benson

yup it mite be kid icarus cuz they didnt make one ofem fer awile.Or mario (dont matter if u dont think so), cuz they make a gazzillion mario games each year. Mario party, mario galaxy, mario kart, an mario hoops or 64 to name a few!
Posted 23:56 on 24 April 2008
somebody's Avatar
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by now, everybody should know that the game is going to be a new pit/ kid icarus game
Posted 03:58 on 31 March 2008
Reggie FA's Avatar
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Reggie FA

Congratulations, Wesley! You correctly guessed that it is Donkey Kong Wii I was hinting about. Well done! I will send you your choice of biscuit in the post.

To all those of you bending that poor writer's ear, I hearby *BAN* you from playing any Nintendo games in the future. Stick to what you know best, like Fifa Street. And maybe Cruisin' USA.

I have the power to do this, because I am REGGIE of Nintendo, and Lord Shiggy gave me magic powers. So there.

Seriously though, stop whinging. Except you, Machetazo. You backed up your points, so you are okay. In fact, you can also have a biscuit.

Posted 17:36 on 18 March 2008
Wido's Avatar


I see a Star Fox game on the cards, and F-Zero. I would like to see another eternal darkness as I loved that on the Game-Cube, and Baten Kaitos.
Posted 14:43 on 18 March 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


I guess I should explain why I am so disappointed in this piece. It is because I enjoyed how in previous editions, your articles (whether MMRant, or TBI) have added worthwhile commentary and opinion on the topic being addressed/tackled. I felt that this concept worked wonderfully, but this week's is just pap. Sorry.
Posted 21:12 on 17 March 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


Not the best of these articles, unfortunately - a particular pity, as I look forward to these weekly write-ups on a Monday.

Started off promising enough, then got progressively more speculative, until the conclusion, which was laughable, as the author continued to clutch at straws, finally offering us the summation that all of his prophecies could in fact come true! (well I never!)

Try to keep editorial reasoned and considered. The above belongs in a blog, as it's utter idle speculation. Perhaps the apparent quality nosedive can more be attributed to the result of the author's disinterest/lack of research in the subject matter?

I guess that we can only hope that the game Reggie spoke of will, indeed, be a new adventure of Pokemon, exclusive to Wii!
Posted 21:05 on 17 March 2008
Nata-Wii's Avatar


I know that Nintendo fans would love a new Kid Icarus game, and when Reggie was questioned about it being a donkey kong game he said nothing. It could be Animal Crossing, but I doubt it because not long back, Nintendo stated that they had no MMO's planned to be released on Wii. I think I will agree with most of you, and put my bet on it being a Zelda game. :)
Posted 20:47 on 17 March 2008
nairobired's Avatar


A completely new Zelda probably, since they did say another was already in development.

my money's on at LEAST a couple games incorporating the balance board. 1080 sequel easily, wii sports 2 if they felt like it, its coming out anyway. pilotwings and starfox would be perfect, maybe even f-zero too (gas and brake).

animal crossing wii is all but confirmed, pikmin is a sure bet, donkey kong and kid icarus are just expected.

ds side, i wouldnt be surprised with another metroid outing, maybe..maybe even a ds smash brothers? am i crazy? with the success of mario party, i dont know why not.
Posted 20:38 on 17 March 2008
asdf's Avatar
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don't forget FE DS!!! i can't wait for that one.
Posted 19:49 on 17 March 2008
Nata-Wii's Avatar


I'm not getting my hopes up too much. Hopefully it will be a good game, but I doubt it will be as big as Brawl or Mario Kart. Reggie tends to exaggerate a bit sometimes so I'm not making any predictions; but hopefully it'll be a sweet suprise :)
Posted 18:57 on 17 March 2008
Ghost5's Avatar


Well a new Zelda has been in development for a few years now...

I'm guessing New Zelda and New Pikmin
...and new F-Zero :D
Posted 18:54 on 17 March 2008
Marink's Avatar

Marink@ bencrosaby

A new (proper) Starfox game is the dream. That and a Snowboard Kids game for the Wii. (I don't want to wake up damnit!)
Posted 18:48 on 17 March 2008
bencrosaby's Avatar


My first bet is F-Zero Wii. But after some thought, Animal Crossing Wii is the biggest candidate IMO.

It would be an MMORPG using Nintendo's Pay and Play Service and considering Nintendo are "going to have great new content maximising all of our key franchises."

Star Fox Wii is rumoured, but Animal Crossing Wii, (and I'm certain about this too) will be the BIG game at E3 '08. ;)
Posted 18:40 on 17 March 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Why not a Star Fox game? Think how legendary 64 was. Think how legendary a Wii version would be.
Posted 17:11 on 17 March 2008

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