Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario Cheats for Wii

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Mario platformer using the Paper Mario style made popular in the RPG series.

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Cheats & Hints 1

The easyest way I find to beat the sammer guys kingdom is to use Bowser and the pikl Carrie or the pikl Dashell (if you have him). (Carrie/Dashell are a way of transport for bowser after you win) First when you have bowser out, the first thing you do is breath fire right when the battle starts, this will make the sammer guy back up and then you be lucky to hit him, Next when he's backed up, you have to run to the door were you first came in (not all the way or you cant do the next thing). Then when he comes to the bottom stair breath fire at him because he get stuck on the stair.
(supplied by: KoopaForLife)

In-game stats list:

Here is an in-game-stat list without pausing the game. First go to flipside (make sure you have the 3-d flip thing) go to the left of Merlins house, flip to 3-d and read the sign next to Merlins house. It will have some stats on it (special jumps etc.)
(supplied by: smatt3000)

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 3

Download: FAQ

FAQ/Walkthrough v2.2.

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Download: FAQ/Walkthrough


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Download: FAQ/Walkthrough


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Other 1

Game ID: R8PP01

(Lv 99)
00511A2F 00000063

(255 Attack)
00511A33 000000FF

(Infinite HP)
00511A37 000000FF

(Max HP (255))
00511A3B 000000FF

(Max/Inf HP (999))
02511A36 000003E7
02511A3A 000003E7

(Infinite 3D)
00511A3F 0000000A

(99.999.999 Score)
04511A40 05F5E0FF

(999 Coins)
02511A46 000003E7

(All Characters)
04511ADC 010100D8
04511AE0 010100D9
04511AE4 010100DA
04511AE8 010100DB

(All Pixl)
04511AEC 010000DD
04511AF0 010000DE
04511AF4 010000DF
04511AF8 010000E0
04511AFc 010000E1
04511B00 010000E2
04511B04 010000E3
04511B08 010000E4
04511B0C 010000E5
04511B10 010000E6
04511B14 010000E7

(All Recipes)

(All Treasure Maps)
04511D38 0000FFFF

(All cards x99 Small Version)
08511D50 000000FF
001F0001 00000000
08511B34 00000063
00FF0001 00000000

(9999 Arcade Chips)
025120B2 0000270F

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User Comments

Dimention_Den's Avatar


Yeah i've already beeten this game. Dimentio rocks!!!!!
Posted 22:32 on 16 June 2009
Deoxyslover's Avatar


I beat the game already and i have hints for u guys of how to unlock things:

Dashell- Beat flopside pit of 100 trials

piccolo: complete merlee's request than go into locked room and open the chest.

Barry: beat chapter 3 than go back to the bush where he was.

Flopside pit of 100 trials: beat flipside pit of 100 trials

Sammer guy challenge: beat the game than go back to chapter 6

Hope this helps.
Posted 21:19 on 23 April 2009
Primal_Darkrai's Avatar


but then again i am only in the seventh chapter
Posted 19:53 on 29 March 2009
Primal_Darkrai's Avatar


I dont think so
Posted 19:52 on 29 March 2009
Deoxyslover's Avatar


i heard that you can unlock the gamecube partners or N64 partners from other paper mario games by defeating the flopside pit of 100 trials is this true?
Posted 02:25 on 25 January 2009
benchopper's Avatar


i am in the 8th chapter
Posted 17:23 on 21 August 2008
jordan's Avatar
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if you want to get more xp the things that fire coconuts jump on the coconuts it gives you +100 xp evry time you jump on a coconut.
Posted 22:14 on 05 August 2008

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Developer: Intelligent Systems
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