Super Mario Galaxy 2 screenshot
Super Mario Galaxy 2 screenshot

Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold 340,000 copies during its first week on sale in Japan, reports Japanese sales tracker Media Create.

The first week total compares favourably to the first game in the Galaxy series - that sold 251,000 copies - but doesn't come close to matching the huge sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The multiplayer side-scroller sold a massive 953,000 copies during its opening week.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 goes on sale in the UK on June 11, with those desperate to get their hands on the game invited to attend a midnight launch in London.

Via Kotaku

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MJTH's Avatar


Oh no... I only just realised that SMG2 is coming out in less then a weeks time. My computer died on monday and I had to speed alot of buying a new one... I am now totally scint and I thought it was coming out in July!

Posted 11:59 on 05 June 2010
Darren1986's Avatar


I really hope we get a Paper Mario game, but as in Paper Mario 3, not Super Paper Mario. Although there wasn't really anything wrong with Super Paper Mario, I prefer to have something along the lines of the first and second games in the franchise.
Posted 19:04 on 04 June 2010
Woffls's Avatar


This confused me a little. Are people really so scared of 3D that New SMB Wii sold nearly 4x faster? It'd be interesting to see what a Paper Mario game would sell on Wii this year, not that we will.. or will we.. hmm... the last one was AWESOME.
Posted 19:02 on 04 June 2010
Darren1986's Avatar


Doesn't surprise me, i've heard nothing but great things about this latest installment in the Mario franchise. I truly can't wait until next week when my copy arrives!

@MJTH I know how you're feeling :)
Posted 18:59 on 04 June 2010
MJTH's Avatar


I can't wait for this to come out in the Uk, the speed this is is selling at in japan only makes me want it more
Posted 18:57 on 04 June 2010

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