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After what was widely perceived to be a weak showing from Nintendo at last year's E3, many fans will be hoping for a change of approach in 2009. Despite the success of Wii Fit and other casual titles, the company's hardcore fanbase is clamouring for games, and there's no doubt that fingers will be crossed for certain key franchises - particularly those involving Link and that chap with the 'tache. We've assembled a list of potential announcements that would make us very happy indeed, using the Tightrope of Realism to cross the Deep Gorge of Blind Optimism. And look! We only fell in once or twice…

A Lightsaber Game with MotionPlus

Now that MotionPlus is effectively here, will we finally see the Jedi game that we've always wanted? This is something we (and a lot of other people) have prayed for since the Wii first surfaced, but the lightweight gesturing of The Force Unleashed didn't exactly fulfil our dreams. A proper lightsaber experience requires precise and responsive control, and MotionPlus could make this happen. It'd be a license to print money, too - but for some reason we're still filing this one under "doubtful to happen".

A Killer App revealed on DSiWare

Our ad guru Chris loves his iPhone. Seriously, you've never seen a man express such love for a shiny tablet with no battery life. Chris reckons that the DSi needs some form of killer app if its new downloadable games service is to work, and we think he may be right. It's probably a mistake to view DSiWare as a direct competitor to Apple's App Store, but there are certainly lessons to be learned. We'd like to see two or three original, eye-catching titles during Nintendo's presentation - products that really show the potential of the service. It'd be great if some gesture was made towards opening the handheld up to bedroom coders, as Microsoft has done with the Xbox Community Network. Admittedly, this is fairly unlikely - but we can dream, can't we?

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User Comments

dudester's Avatar


No reggie and stupid heart monitors etc.
Posted 00:40 on 06 November 2009
twogaloos's Avatar


AND PBLIVE, yes, Star Fox Adventure was a good game. I really liked it. I thought it was nice and colorful, and fun as well. If you could take out the part where you fly the ship at the end, the game would have been a 10...
Posted 00:39 on 06 November 2009
twogaloos's Avatar


More promise for the Wii, this is great news, Hey how about Sega Rally, or better yet, SHENMUE. Put the Shenmue series on Wii, and watch the units fly.
Posted 00:37 on 06 November 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


id love a new zelda game but please pit first i never hered of the game he was in and also i dont think he's a great character.
Posted 22:20 on 20 May 2009


Pilot Wings series, Space Station Silicon Valley and Goldeneye on VC and a new Pilot Wings game.

A decent Star Fox game (though Adventure wasn't all that bad).
Posted 16:53 on 20 May 2009
Wido's Avatar


Pokemon Gold & Silver is the important one for me this year from Nintendo.
Posted 16:27 on 20 May 2009
Woffls's Avatar


Mario and Zelda aside, I'd like to see a Lylat Wars sequel more than anything. It's absolutely perfect for Wii and motion sensing and I cannot believe Nintendo aren't working on something based on Starfox.

Lylat Wars was almost like a rail-shooter with a bit of added movement, your route was pre-defined, but you could still dodge stuff with analogue stick movement.

Wii controls would be the same but with the light gun rail-shooter style of shooting, aiming at the target with the wii remote. Shake the nunchuck in various directions to "do a barrel roll", a back flip, brake or "use the boost to chase" :laugh: whack view toggle on the c button, lasers on B, bombs on A, something special on Z... sorted.

Aside from my Lylat pipe dream, Galaxy 2 will sell systems and keep public interest in the game like Zelda wont, they might release Zelda this year as well, though. If they leave it to next year they might be releasing it at the end of a console's life again :P
Posted 14:57 on 20 May 2009

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