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Future Star Wars video games will be canon says Lucasfilm

All existing games definitely not canon.

2 Publish date Apr 28

Why Star Wars is dead to me

Neon vents spleen on the decline of George Lucas' saga, arguing that video games are almost as much to blame as the prequel trilogy. Almost, but not quite.

12 Publish date Jul 29 2011

Star Wars Force Unleashed Launch Zone

Star Wars Force Unleashed Launch Zone

Publish date Oct 21 2010

LucasArts open to Force Unleashed 3

There's room in the Star Wars timeline to solidify the canon, says project lead.

1 Publish date Oct 7 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II revealed

The epic story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice continues in 2010.

7 Publish date Dec 14 2009

SW: The Force Unleashed sells 5.7 million units

Becomes the fastest-selling Star Wars game in history.

5 Publish date Feb 11 2009

Madden 09 the best-selling title worldwide in Q3 2008

EA's American Football title shifts almost 3 million units and it's only popular in the US.

Publish date Nov 11 2008

PC piracy is a 'huge concern' warns Red Alert 3 dev

'If gamers have a reason to buy a game, they'll buy it', says producer.

18 Publish date Nov 5 2008

Interview: PCGA president Randy Stude

On piracy, Spore DRM and why PC games are better than console games.

18 Publish date Oct 20 2008

LucasArts slammed for no PC Force Unleashed

PCGA boss calls scalability issue excuse an 'uneducated answer'.

19 Publish date Oct 18 2008

PCGA: Publishers have themselves to blame for piracy

PC Gaming Alliance boss says there will always be people who will pirate.

7 Publish date Oct 18 2008

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