Sonic Colours screenshot
Sonic Colours screenshot

Sonic Colours, the latest sonic title from SEGA and Sonic Team, will not disappoint fans of the Blue hedgehog, producer Takashi Iizuka has told

Asked at a recent press junket if Colours would get trapped in the Sonic Cycle (great hope eventually turns to massive disappointment) - Iizuka said the team is confident it has "nailed" the gameplay.

"For this title in particular, the team is confident that this is a game everybody can really enjoy," Iizuka told "That's why we've offered a lot of hands-on for E3, and on this occasion as well. It's something that the team is really confident from the gameplay side. It's something that, this time, the team thinks they've nailed it - it's definitely not going through the Sonic cycle!"

Sonic Colours is scheduled for release later this year on Wii and Nintendo DS. You'll find hands-on impressions right here.

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Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yea, remember when Sonic 2006 came out?
Posted 01:14 on 03 August 2010
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


Wow, a Sonic game for Wii that is aimed at 'everyone'. That's sure to be good.
Posted 20:57 on 02 August 2010
Woffls's Avatar


Ohhh Martin I was hoping you were less predictable than to post that picture :P Unfortunately it has been more or less spot on for a good number of years now. Your preview seems to indicate it might have broken free from the cycle, but we wont really know until the final stage and they haven't secretly stashed some fishing mini games in there.
Posted 16:29 on 02 August 2010
squidman's Avatar


Because James didn't think it would be 'totally sweet' to post the picture: Click for Image
Posted 16:15 on 02 August 2010

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